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Happy Birthday to me at Elevation Burger

July 13th, 2009 · 8 Comments · Elevation Burger, Wynnewood, burger, burgerbaroness, favorites, fries, shake

Let me introduce you to someone who will become a very good friend of FWTS, Elevation Burger. Don’t you want to reach into your screen and grab it. Don’t do it! They haven’t invented that kind of technology…yet.

Cheeseburger from Elevation Burger

When I read Burgatory’s review of Elevation Burger and saw what their burger looked like I became a women obsessed. I couldn’t stop rereading the post and visiting their website. The potato bun, thin patty and special sauce are three things that make my favorite kind of burger and Elevation Burger has them. Luckily, my birthday is coming up (it’s July 14th, if you want to send a present!) and my good friend E at Foodaphilia wanted to treat me to a birthday burger so she took me to Elevation. All these lovely pictures are from her btw.

Elevation Burger’s philosophy, as seen below, is “Ingredients matter” and it shows. Everything is fresh and a lot of care is put into creating a beautiful burger. I especially love their mention of the bun, “finished with a bun that compliments the burger rather than competing with it.” Here, here! It’s a potato bun, my favorite kind. It was squishy and it held the burger together nicely.

Elevation Burger philosophy

I ordered the Elevation Burger, which has two patties. If you want one patty just order the cheeseburger.  You can choose your own toppings. I kept it simple by getting lettuce, tomato and Elevation sauce (their special sauce). You can see my burger on the right, in the picture below. At Elevation, they only offer cheddar cheese. My burger came out with the cheese super melted. The patties were well seasoned and juicy. The bun was toasted. I would say that my rather minor complaint about the burger is that I prefer American cheese. Sorry. It just melts better. I totally understand and respect why Elevation uses cheddar and it won’t stop me from going back again and again and again.

You definitely want fries with that shake. See what I did there.  They were perfect.  A great combination of crispy, good potato flavor and lightly salted. I would suggest you get a side of Elevation sauce to dip them in. I couldn’t stop eating them. Oh they serve your burger and fries in these sweet metal trays.

Burgers and fries

If a great burger and awesome fries isn’t enough, they make shakes! Can I give a woo for that. Woo! This place seriously made my day. I was giddy. I kept it simple with a chocolate shake. They offer three flavors of ice cream (chocolate, vanilla and coffee) and then have a number of toppings you can have added in. The shake was thick and obviously made with good ice cream.

Chocolate shake

Look how happy I am here. I was actually waiting for my food so this is pre-burgershakefries. This place definitely satisfies my simple burger needs. It is very reminiscent of In-N-Out. Elevation Burger fills a hole in the Philly burger scene. I couldn’t be more excited about revisiting them. If their current location in Wynnewood is deterring you from visiting, don’t let it. There is an R5 station right across the street. Their website does mention 2 locations coming to Philly at some point. This will be very dangerous for me. Dangerously delicious, I can’t wait!

Me at Elevation Burger

UPDATE:  Here is Foodaphilia’s review!


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