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Phillies and phood

July 22nd, 2009 · 3 Comments · Phillies, burgerbaroness, fries, sammich

Yes I just did that.

When I was offered a chance to see the Phillies for free I was so excited. Not because I am some big baseball fan, I’m not, but because of the F O O D! I think at some point in the game I asked if they had scored a goal. Yes I am sportsdumb. I blame my father. He only watched drag racing and boxing. Interesting combination. No? But in all seriousness I love Citizens Bank Park. It’s beeeautiful and has a lot of good eats.

Here is a little photo essay of the game.

What’s awesome is that we were totally greeted by the Schmitter! I had never had a Schmitter before so I knew I had to start with one of these. This is a fun diagram of the sandwich, which will explain what it is if you are not familiar with it.


I shared it with the dude but I could have definitely eaten one all on my own. I loved everything about this sandwich. I loved the sauce and melted cheese. The bun was perfect and held the messy sandwich together.


Oh here is our view. We had pretty good seats right? I think this is the closest I have ever sat at a baseball game. We spent a lot of time watching the outfielders. It was fun to study them. I guess you had to be there.


And then we got hungry again.

CRAB FRIES!!! With respect to Philly food things I wait in line for, this is one of them. I actually didn’t have to wait this time, the dude was kind enough to do the honors but I would have. He also picked up 3 cheeses because you never have enough cheese for these things. For those of you not in the know, they are crinkle cut fries generously doused with Old Bay seasoning and served with a white cheese sauce. I’m of the opinion that everything is better with a little cheese sauce. A good cheese sauce and this is one hell of a cheese sauce.  My love for them is never ending.


And we still might have been hungry…

His and her’s pork products in a bun. I don’t remember the name of the stand but it was by the crab fries and they only served hot dogs and Italian sausage. What I really liked about this place is that you could get onions and peppers and they served them on these awesome rolls. I got the sausage. It was pretty tasty. The hot dog look equally delicious. It was also for giants. Look how big that hot dog is. It’s about the same size as the sausage.


Oh look someone is digging into their dog. Big thanks to this lovely lady for sharing her tix with us. This really isn’t much of a thanks by posting this pic but she did let me take the picture. I’m sorry I have a thing for taking pictures of people eating. You have been warned.


And then we watched the game some more yada yada and the Phillies won….

FIREWORKS! Might have been the best fireworks show I have ever been to. Even though I’m not into sports I will always jump at the chance to visit Citizens Bank Park.  I didn’t even get to the different hoagie/cheesesteak/roast pork sandwich options. I’ll save that for next time.



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  • Lisa

    Citizens Bank Park does such a great job with food and beer (at least if you know where to go) – the Linc is sadly lacking, as I discovered at the Gold Cup.

  • Holly

    Ah! I was there last night – complete with my crab fries and drinks! Wasn’t it fantastic? That pic of the crab fries brings a small tear of joy to my eyes.

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