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I Want To Love You PYT

July 23rd, 2009 · 5 Comments · NoLibs, PYT, burger, burgerbaroness, fries, shake

I said na na na…

By now I might be the 100th blogger to write about PYT. Do I win a toaster or something. Burgatory did a great job of listing all the write ups so I will just forward you there. Tommy Up is a PR genius. Everyone has been talking about PYT. Hell I stalked the place on 4th of July weekend. It didn’t surprise me when I showed up, albeit with two other food bloggers, to find many food bloggers dining there this past Sunday. It was nice to see them all in person, we really all do exist.

PYT cherry coke

After we put in our order we were offered their cherry soda or cherry coke. I was delighted by this option and went with a cherry coke. It was a good start to the meal. The cherry syrup wasn’t overpoweringly sweet and had just the right amount of cola.

Chocolate Jack Rabbit Slim shake

We also started with some of their famous boozy shakes. I ordered the Jack Rabbit Slim (pictured) with chocolate ice cream and a healthy dose of Maker’s Mark. I will say that while this was very very good, the table winner was the Jon Valdez which had Kahlua and Patron XO. Don’t let the name fool you like it did me. Patron XO is a coffee liqueur made with tequila so it packs a punch but isn’t super sweet. This is so much better than my morning cup of joe.  Oh and you also might spy a couple of Philly food bloggers in the background.

To the burger! Take a minute and just look at it.

PYT burger

Isn’t this a gorgeous burger? It tasted as good as it looked. It’s the PYT burger. I loved the presentation, it was like a work of hamburger art. The ingredients were fresh and the bacon was crispy. The patty was well seasoned and while it was a little closer to medium than my requested medium rare, it was very juicy  so I was happy. Their special sauce seemed a bit more mayo based than tomato so it was a little less tangy and more creamy, than a traditional special sauce. I am a sucker for  a good special sauce and this did the trick. Did I mention their bacon was perfectly crisped? And finally they use Martin’s Potato rolls, one of my favorites, and they toasted it. Two thumbs up! It is clear that they did their research on West Coast burgers and I am sure glad they did. I appreciated that they gave their own spin to it. In the past I have lamented at the lack of West Coast style burgers and I am so glad to have many choices in Philly now.

We also got an order of their fries for the table. They were definitely fresh, not frozen, hand cut beauties.

PYT fries

Before we left we were treated to a strawberry mojito. They substituted the simple syrup with strawberry spiked prosecco. It was a really nice way to end the meal. I can see myself drinking a lot of these this summer.  I left PYT with my belly full burgery goodness and slightly buzzed. I will definitely be back again.

PYT strawberry mojito

The Piazza at Schmidts
2nd and Germantown Ave
Philadelphia, PA


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