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BCP Report Card #5 – Pub & Kitchen

August 7th, 2009 · 6 Comments · Burger Club, Pub & Kitchen, Report Card, burger, burgerbaroness


Pub & Kitchen - http://thepubandkitchen.com/

1946 Lombard St
Philadelphia, PA 19146
(215) 545-0350

Windsor Burger, without bacon: “Super awesome! Bun was moist and delish. Pricey but worth it. Negative for having bacon when I ordered it w/o. A bit big but whatev. Happy they cooked it the way I asked (med. rare). Usually comes out medium at restaurants no matter what you say. Yummy onions, good beer.” GRADE: B+

Windsor Burger: A for the taste, B for the price. It’s expensive, but no more so than Good Burger and it tastes way better. The bacon was slammin, the bun was like a really soft bagel, and the meat was flavor-sational.” GRADE: B+

Windsor Burger: “B+ cost, A taste. Coulda sold for $10 but very tasty – for  $12 bread needs to be insane.” GRADE: B+

Windsor Burger: “Delicious = cheese and crispy bacon. Soft bun, burger done just right (med. rare). $12 is a little much. Good Beers. Burger A, Cost B. A little too pricey for just a burger.” GRADE: B+

Windsor Burger: “Juicy burger, crispy bacon, butter lettuce, pickled onions – amazing for the quality. Good and comfortable seating, cheap and good beer selection. Great fries, good/great service, def. coming back.” GRADE: A

Windsor Burger: “Inside of bun kind of burned. Good meat! Very moist. Good fries and pickles. Pickled onions and butter lettuce yay! Service was great!” GRADE: B+

Windsor Burger, medium-rare: “Fantastic burger – great flavor and spice to meat, not over cooked, pickled onions complemented well. Good bun (grilled). Atmosphere loud, service great (beyond awesome), beer good.” GRADE: A

Windsor Burger: “Excellent bun, lettuce and onions. Overall very flavorful! Excellent service.” GRADE: A

Windsor Burger: “Small portions plus a flatscreen in the dining room created a very disappointed feeling in my tummy.” GRADE: B-

Windsor Burger, med-rare: “If I could draw a “thumbs up” I would put it here. That is one well composed burger. As soon as I saw the bun, I knew it was on. Perfect bun for the burger. The bacon/pork belly? Om nom nom. Salty goodness. Didn’t even need the ketchup I compulsively added. The beef flavor was good but the grind didn’t give the patty the most appealing texture. A bit mushy. All the flavors melded quite well, though. Fries? mostly phoned in.” GRADE: A-

Windsor Burger, medium: “Crispy bacon got me taken. It was ok, so I’ll have a nice day.” GRADE: B+

Windsor Burger, rare: “Great bread, pickled onion was a nice touch, cheddar was salty and flavorful. Burger was overcooked but still juicy. $12 was a bit much for that size. Waiter and ambiance was good. Fries were tasty as were the homemade chips. I would eat there again eventhough the burger was not perfect.” GRADE: B-

Windsor Burger, rare: “Little overcooked, small for $12.” GRADE: B

Windsor Burger: “A little rare-looking but quite juicy and delicious. Would eat again!” GRADE: A

Windsor Burger, medium: “Jovial atmosphere. Super burger, very satisfying bun, tasty meats, Boston lettuce a nice touch. Held together! Meat perfectly cooked, cheese nicely sharp. Bacon = eh. Great quality.” GRADE: A-

Windsor Burger, medium rare: “Pros: burger was crispy on the outside and rare on the inside, just right! Solid bun; pickled onion; good fries (not salty enough though). Cons: Not a fan of bacon on burgers and bacon was too crispy, not enough cheese. PS. great atmosphere! Good music!” GRADE: A

Windsor Burger, med rare: “Excellent burger – well charred with excellent fixins – pickled onion and homemade bacon. Mmmmm!” GRADE: A

Windsor Burger, medium: “Nice quality meat, but you pay for it. Great bun, great char on the burger. The salty cheese bring out the other flavors nicely. Godo pickled onions. Bun to stuff ratio = good. Homemade bacon was nice. Fries pretty standard. Pabbit Logo = dynamite.” GRADE: A

Windsor Burger, medium: “O.M.G. this is such a perfect burger! Great bun, the pickled onions, salty cheese & homemade bacon add up to more than the sum of their parts. I can’t imagine a better burger in Philly.” GRADE: A+

Windsor Burger: “Delicious.” GRADE: B+

BURGER NOVICE, Windsor Burger: “Good bun, removed lettuce and tomato for ease of consumption, grilled onion delicious. Bacon good but a bit chewy. Yay potato bun! Cooked well – came just like I ordered it. Meat fit the bun.” GRADE: A

Windsor Burger: “Excellent bun that withstood the burger and toppings. Perfectly seasoned, perfectly cooked, fresh, tasty toppings. Loved the contrasting sweetness of the grilled onion. Fries great too.” GRADE: A-

Windsor Burger: “Bun held up well and tasted amazing! Great meat patty; excellent veggies, tasty fries; love the onion. Solid burger for a reasonable $$. Great atmosphere, very reasonable $$$. EXCELLENT service. Coming back for sure; burger had no weaknesses.” GRADE: A+

Windsor Burger, rare: “All the ingredients for this burger were of excellent quality so when you put that together you get a great burger. The bacon was a revelation. So crispy, a perfect addition to the burger. Loved the onions. Loved everything pretty much. Cooked as ordered and juices from the burger filled my plate, that’s a very good thing.” GRADE: A+

Windsor Burger, medium rare: ” Looser and more tender than average bar-burger. Tasty beef, but surprisingly hohum bacon, that gets lost under the cheddar, satisfying but not great. (It was no Grace’s Tavern.)” GRADE: B-

Windsor Burger: “I normally hate pub style burgers – too fussy and heavy- but this one is very good, quite a surprise. Great bun, patty isn’t too thick or heavy, well done had a nice char on it. Cheese was a good compliment. Bacon I could do w/ or w/o. Right amount of onion. Fries were excellent! This burger and fries deserved something other than Heinz 57!!!” GRADE: A-

Windsor Burger, med rare: “Ok in a burger v. burger deathmatch, I think I prefer 5 Guys, but this place scores higher because of: beer, pickles, atmosphere. Excellent burger, bun with perfect structure and size. Only complaint: bacon was sorta jerkey-like. Perfect pub burger.” GRADE: A


Top Hits:

  1. Great bun
  2. Toppings
  3. Bacon
  4. Beer
  5. Fries
  6. Atmosphere
  7. Service

Top Gripes:

  1. Bacon chewy/jerky like
  2. Too pricey


Unfortunately this BCP report card is picture-less. I was enjoying my birthday ok!. I won’t fail you again. If you happened to take pictures of our time at Pub & Kitchen please add them to our Flickr Pool. With that said the staff at Pub & Kitchen were super helpful and accommodating to the 30 people that showed up for burger club last month. Yes this is our largest BCP to date. They seemed a little stressed initially, even though I had called ahead to warn them, but it all worked out. We were all spread throughout the small dining room. As a lot of BCPers noted, P&K has great atmosphere and I think everyone had a great time. I know I did.

I was surprised to see that so many folks commented that they thought the burger was a little overpriced. For $12 I thought the Windsor Burger was great deal. It is a very substantial burger and the ingredients were of very high quality. Not to mention they make their own friggin bacon! Homemade bacon woo. The bacon was also another source of contention for some of our eaters. A few BCPers found their bacon too chewy. I will say that mine was perfectly crisp and totally made my burger. The toppings were of excellent quality. The tomato was ripe and juicy. The bibb lettuce was a nice touch and the pickled onions were the pièce de résistance. I will also give a nod to the Le Bus brioche bun which held the burger together very well. Oh and don’t let me forget to mention the meat. The patty was well seasoned and so juicy. It came out perfectly rare. This made me a very happy birthday girl. I was happy to hear that mostly everyone’s burgers were cooked as ordered. The kitchen did an amazing job getting out the burgers in a reasonable amount of time and creating a beautiful specimen of burgery goodness.


Good Dog – B

Five Guys  – B+

goodburger – C

Standard Tap – B


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