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Blogiversary Giveaway Week 1 – Franklin Fountain!

August 3rd, 2009 · 23 Comments · Franklin Fountain, blogiversary, giveaways, ice cream, jaimeshake

FWTS is a little excited…well maybe a little more than excited.  The start of August has officially ushered in our one year anniversary!  We’re calling it a “blogiversary” – it’s catchy.  And we’ll be celebrating all month long with one food-centric giveaway per week.

First up:  Franklin Fountain!


artwork courtesy of Franklin Fountain

Obviously I love me some ice cream, and the brothers Franklin (aka the Berley’s) are doing it up proper, old school-style.  We have two $15 gift certificates for grabs, so if you want in, leave a comment explaining what you would order if you won.  I’d probably get a “stock market crunch” sundae, some Teaberry gum, and a real, honest to goodness New York egg cream.  But this isn’t about me, I can’t even enter!  (Conflict of interest, folks).  Don’t forget to leave your email address when you comment as well so I can contact the winners.

Good luck to everyone, and stay tuned for more giveaways in the weeks to come!


23 Comments so far ↓

  • zanti

    Get out! They serve Moxie! I hate Moxie and would not order it.
    (The above comment disqualifies me from the prize as I am identifying something I would not order as opposed to something I would order.)

  • stephanie

    i probably would get keep it simple- strawberry sundae with vanilla bean ice cream. yummo!

  • Noelle

    I would totally rock the ‘Banana Split for my Baby’ AND get an Afogato — a shot of espresso with a scoop of Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream in it. drool.

  • miss bee

    I wouldn’t know WHAT to order because I’ve never been! I heard just this weekend how much life I had been missing by not having been yet. So if I win the contest, I will probably try $15 worth of ice cream in one day and naturally, I will twitpic a photo of it all.

    (Also, fear not about any potential wasting of $15 worth of ice cream ordered at once. Ice cream waste is a SIN.)

  • e

    I would order the most traditional homemade hot fudge sundae and one of their freshly squeezed homemade lemonades. Oh yum. I’ll take you two with me to share if I win!

  • traceymariel

    after much deliberation, i have decided that i would order THE LIGHTNING ROD. wait… maybe the SOUTHERN SYMPATHIZER. no! definitely the MT. VESUVIUS! anyway, one of those. i was lucky enough to go once before to the Fountain and i got the BANANA SPLIT FOR MY BABY because they sing to you when they bring it, and how often do you get to be serenaded? it was sort of embarassing but fun. :)

  • BurgerBaroness

    I know I can’t win anything but I wanted to be a part of the fun. I would get the Peach Melba Parfait. I like the combo of peach ice cream with raspberry puree.

  • gabulous

    For an appetizer, I would order a small malted milkshake – with a blend of coffee and peanut butter ice creams. As an entree (I would want to keep it light, I’m trying to watch my weight) I would select the “Banana Split for My Baby”; and for dessert, none other than “The Franklin Mint” – lord knows I’ll need a fresh minty kick to cover up the shame of having already consumed 6,000 calories in one sitting.

  • Bianca

    I am TORN!! I am stuck between The classic Hot fudge, Broken Hearts or The lightning rod…..Hmm what to do….Maybe I would go three days in a row and try each one….That sounds like a good plan…..THAT is what I will do!! :)

  • Kate W.

    I don’t know what I’d order, as I’ve never been to the Franklin Fountain. I hear it’s awesome, though…and have always wanted to go!

  • jenny

    that thing you said. that’s what I want! sounds amazing! egg cream? sign me up!

  • Earle

    I can’t win anything either but the sundae with the crushed pretzels, peanut butter sauce and fudge warms my heart.

  • Otter

    The Breakfast Special: Freshly made waffles sandwiching two scoops of Maple Walnut ice cream, with whipped cream.

    And a second fork for Miss Bee.

  • bruno gridley

    Mmmmmm…. one Stock Market Crunch with a Japanese Thirst Killer chaser please!

  • Glynnis

    Love sitting outside the Franklin Fountain with my honey on a hot summer night–I usually go for a good ol’ fashion root beer float and he usually orders a banana split. If I won the gift card I might have to splurge and order a third ice cream treat on the side for us to split!

  • Charissa

    I would first prepare for this by donning my very best “eating dress”. (Yes, I have more than one of these.) Then I think I would defffinitely have to go for the Stock Market Crunch, piled as high as possible with whipped cream. And then I would pray they had peach praline pie, because damn but doesn’t that sound good? Then I would walk outside and wished I had taken some ice cream with me to smear on myself in a vain attempt to keep cool….

  • katie

    i would grab my floppy lady hat and stroll on up to the Fountain for a very civilized Southern Sympathizer paired with a Jamestown Julep to smooth it all out.

    thence roll home, fanning myself, reveling in the tastes of rum raisin and pistachio and mint and praline, and marveling that i’d eaten more sugar in one day than i probably had in the rest of the year.

  • dynowright

    Fruit pie! (And some vanilla ice cream for the “a la mode” style.) And a phosphate!

  • jennie

    i would love to try the lightening rod … and the broken hearts … and some phosphate of some kind …

  • tessa

    the ladies choice is awesome…

  • Carrie

    Most definitely, GREEN Franklin Mint Chip!!!

  • Lisette

    I would get some Franklin Fudge and some scented gum :)

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