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Testing my new camera and a burger

September 21st, 2009 · 2 Comments · Center City, Snow White, burger, burgerbaroness

So I finally made the leap and invested in my first DSLR. I went with the Nikon D60 because pretty much every food blogger I talked to was using a Nikon and it had everything that I wanted in a camera. The day I got it I was itching to test it out and so I decided to take a quick lunchtime trip to Snow White for a burger photo shoot.

Snow White feels very old timey to me. Like this is how folks used to dine out for lunch. People obviously continue to eat lunch at Snow White because the counter was full by the time I finished up my burger. I don’t get to saddle up to a counter much these days for a meal and I enjoyed the opportunity.

I just liked the way they put out the condiments.


Super simple and cheap burger. Why go to McDonalds when you can get this. I believe the burger, fries and soda combo was around $5.


I really loved the bun on this burger. Sesame seeded top and toasted.

DSC_0068 copy

The small thin griddled patty could have used a little more seasoning but I felt ok about it because it was $5. This wasn’t the best burger I have had in Philly but I did enjoy it’s simplicity and the overall vibe of the place.  The fries were nothing to write home about but I have heard good things about their milkshakes so I will definitely be visiting again.


Snow White

1901 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103
(215) 569-0909


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  • Helen

    Years ago, my office was close to Snow White, and we ate there all the time. My favorite part was the deep divots in the cutting boards, from years of chopping and sandwich splits performed in the same spots.

    The pics look great!

  • kt

    oh hey! dave and i got an unexpectedly nice burger there several years ago. your assessment is spot on lady!

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