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BCP Report Card #8 – SquareBurger

October 15th, 2009 · 2 Comments · Burger Club, Report Card, SquareBurger, burger, burgerbaroness, shake


200 N 6th St
Philadelphia, PA 19106

Cheeseburger - Square Burger


Note from management:

I’m going to try something a little different with this report card. Instead of starting with the “results by burger” I will begin with the trends and summary of the meating. That way those of you who want to cut to the chase and don’t feel like reading all the results can do so. You dedicated burgermeisters will find them at the bottom of the post.

Also, you might have noticed that there is no BCP meating scheduled for October. This month is crazy and I needed a break but I have some really good meatings planned for November and December.  Stay tuned!

One last thing, Mac & Cheese and Foodaphilia wrote about our meating as well and got them up before me. I fail at timeliness.


Top Hits:

  1. Toppings, especially the pickles
  2. Tied: tasty crust on patty/fries
  3. Honorable mentions: Cake Shake and Philly Dog

Top Gripes:

  1. Too much mustard
  2. Tied: Elvis music/bun not toasted enough


This was one of our smaller BCP meatings, which was fine with me because it meant less typing. We still had a great time and the rain held off for us to enjoy dining outside. SquareBurger is located at Franklin Square Park and they keep their menu pretty simple. Savory on one side, consisting of burgers, dogs and fries.  On the other side you will find many treats to satisfy your sweet tooth.


The classic cheeseburger is very simple. Small flat griddled patty topped with white American cheese, mustard, ketchup, diced pickles and onions all fitted between a Martin’s potato bun. I have never been a fan of pickles on a burger but I loved the diced pickles on this burger. The real gem of this burger though is the nice crust that the flat griddle gives it. The burger is generously seasoned creating this beautiful salty crust around the exterior of the patty. They only offer the patty cooked well so for those of you who like a little pink in the middle you might be disappointed. I love a lot of pink in my burger but still found this to be an enjoyable burger. The patty was still a little juicy so that helped. I think it would a much better burger if I could get it cooked the way I like it. Too much mustard was the largest complaint from BCPers concerning this burger.



There are a few menu items that could definitely take your attention away from the burgers.

One BCP member went an extra round with the Philly Dog. A hot dog wrapped in salami and topped with pickles, onions, cherry peppers, plum tomatoes and mustard. As a Chicago native and knowing a thing or two about pork products in a bun, he gave his seal of approval for this dog.

The Philly Dog - Square Burger

On to dessert! The Butterscotch sundae is a fun Philly twist on the classic sundae. A Tastykake Butterscotch Krimpet is broken in half and topped with vanilla ice cream, butterscotch sauce and Heath Bar crumbles.  Don’t hate me Philly purists but I’m not a huge fan of the Tastykake Krimpets. I will totally eat one, or two,  if they are always served like this.

Butterscotch Sunday - Square Burger

You can have your cake and shake it too? Tastykake in a shake. Initially sounded gross to me because of the textural issues of cake bits in my shake but totally worked and totally awesome.



Cheeseburger w/o the pickles and onions: “better than expected, tasty crust on the burger – even tho medium well – was still tasty.” GRADE: B

Cheeseburger: “liked the pickle and onion combo. A little too much mustard for my taste. Great griddle crust on the pattie.” GRADE: B+

Cheeseburger and Philly dog: “good solid little burger. Very nice patty. Nice setting. Enough with the Elvis. Excellent fries. Hot dog club sidenote: as someone from Chicago, who is a serious hot dog bigot, this one is proper.” GRADE: B+

Cheeseburger: “nicely seasoned half well-done/half raw great location.” GRADE: B-

Veggie burger: “Bun was flattened (for grilled bun not crispy enough on inside) veggie patty tasted good; seems to be same patty as Elevation veggie burger #1; cheese nicely melted; surprised veggie burger is more expensive than beef; nice alternative to beef; better than gardenburger or any other soy product.” GRADE: A (bun needs work)

Cheeseburger (katsup only) french fries and cake shake: “Bun and cheese are great – patty is tastie if a bit oniony. Really good for the price and the fries were great and well done with a little bit of skin! great! The cake shake was soooo thick and tastie…have I said that already? Tastie? Great atmosphere, awesome fountain and parky-ness…Elvis tunes a bit loud. Good overall…tastie.” GRADE: A-

Cheeseburger: “very satisfying. I ate two.” GRADE: B+

Veggie burgers: “For what it was – fast food park burger – it’s not bad. Garden burger is only ok. It’s predictable, standard, and easy but do you really want a fast food park shack playing with tofu?” GRADE: B-

Cheeseburger, fries, cake shake: “Good size. Well-done (like I like it). Diced pickles = awesome. Too many fries! Maybe a little too much mustard. Yummy shake too.” GRADE: A-

Cheeseburger: “Burger not juicy. Bun was so good. Great combo of toppings. Love the hot pickle. Butterscotch shake was awesome. Fries were awesome.” GRADE: B-

Cheeseburger: “Loved the crust that is created on the patty from the flat griddle, my favorite part of the burger.” I also enjoyed the diced pickles. Not usually a fan of pickles on a burger but I love it this way. A little too much mustard and ketchup. Bun could have been toasted a bit more. In any case, simple burger with a lot of flavor.” GRADE: B+


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  • Maria

    Hey, when is Square Burger open….I’ve tried their number and get a personal voicemail every time. I wanna go but don’t want it to be closed when I do! Help?!?!?

  • Margot

    Square Burger has different hours throughout the season depending on the park hours. Check the website for Historic Philadelphia.

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