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Happiness, one pound at a time

December 14th, 2009 · 2 Comments · NoLibs, Red Vines, burgerbaroness, candy, favorites

I had a terrible day yesterday. It was raining (waaah) and I was on a search for a couple of food items but had no luck. Fortunately, I found a break from the rain in an oasis otherwise known as the Rite Aid, on the corner of 4th and Spring Garden. There I found the most wonderful thing in the world.


My precious

It’s been ages since I posted a silly picture of myself so here you go. Also you can see my cat Jacques hanging out in the corner. He was trying to eat the plastic bag. Cats love plastic.

Totally bogus post but I do think it is helpful to fellow Red Vines lovers of Philadelphia. Please let me know if you stumble across other locations that sell these red licorice twists of joy.


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