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BCP Report Card #9 – South Philly Taproom

December 17th, 2009 · 3 Comments · Burger Club, Report Card, South Philly Taproom, burger, favorites, south philly


South Philly Taproom
1509 Mifflin Street
Philadelphia, PA 19145

I want to start this by thanking the staff at SPTR. They were super cool when I contacted them about our visit and they even went so far as to reserve seats for us. We seriously appreciated it. I loved loved loved the dining room we were in. It’s cozy and I can definitely see myself spending a cold evening there enjoying a burger and a beer or two.

Cozy dining room at SPTR

Cozy dining room at SPTR


Top hits:

  1. Awesome bun – overwhelmingly popular
  2. “Cooked perfectly” – several people used that exact phrase
  3. Tie: pickled veggies/special sauce
  4. Atmosphere
  5. Tie: ketchup/great service

Top gripes:

  1. Ketchup
  2. Service

Hilarious quotes of the night:

“I’d order and eat it here again but w/out any particular enthusiasm.” – I don’t think this was meant to be funny but I thought it was

“Tasted like July 4th!!” – aww

“Fucking delicious as fuck. So many ingredients! Kinda gave me all the things I LOVE about a burrito, but in burger form.” – about the Mexican burger special

The Special:


Crazy/awesome special: New York style Mexican burger

I did not try this burger but at least 3 of our BCP members did and loved it, they all gave it an A. I really wanted to try it but had never had the basic burger at SPTR so I thought I should start with the basics. This burger consists of an 8oz patty, lettuce, tomato, thinly sliced red onion, avocado, ham, pineapple, ketchup, pickled jalapenos, and queso fresco (I think that’s the right Mexican cheese but I could be wrong).



SPTR burger with bacon and all the fixin's

This has been the best burger of BCP’s history thus far. It outranked Pub & Kitchen’s burger, which was the reigning champ since July. The first thing you will notice about this burger is how well constructed it is. While it is generously topped with thinly sliced onion (THANK YOU!), tomato and bacon (if you decide to get bacon like I did and you should), it held together well and never suffered from slippage.  It also came with a generous amount of fries and deliciously pickled veggies. For the price, I found this an incredible bargain.


Beautifully constructed

The biggest highlight of this burger was the bun. Dudes it was awesome. The bun comes from Baker Street Bread and I have a feeling that many of my favorite burger buns in the city come from here. It was soft and squishy but hearty enough to hold together this juicy burger with all it’s toppings. It also absorbed the juicy goodness without falling apart. Score! Have  you noticed  how many times I’ve used the word juicy? Too much right? I hope you get the point. This burger was juicy and wait for it…the patty is %100 local and grass fed. I believe the meat is from Lancaster County. I don’t have any more particulars. I should probably stop drinking at burger club, it does not help with my already selective memory. The patty was 6oz and had lovely grill marks. The bacon was perfectly crisp. Can we talk about red onions for a moment? I love red onion on my burger from time to time but too often it is cut way too thick. This is not the case at SPTR. The red onion is thinly sliced so it does not overwhelm the burger. It is this small attention to detail that really makes me swoon for this burger. As most of you already know, I have a weakness for special sauce so I was pretty happy to see it on the burger as well.



Do you see the beautiful construction of this burger and how the burger juices have crept into the bottom bun. All good things. I will mention that the only two semi-complaints BCP had were for the homemade ketchup and the service. I will say that I am on the fence about the ketchup. I enjoyed the fact that it tasted like tomatoes and wasn’t overly sweet but I missed the vinegar. As for the service, I was happy with our server and try to have a little bit more understanding during BCP meatings.  There is usually only one server for the 20+ BCP members.


Cheeseburger: “medium patty, cooked to perfection! Bun is squishy on the inside, toasted perfectly on the outside. Ketchup is unbelievable.” GRADE: A

Cheeseburger rare: “perfectly cooked and seasoned, juicy, great sauce, great roll. Amazing beer list!” GRADE: A

Cheeseburger well done: “a decent pub type burger. I liked the toppings + bun. the meat was fine, well packed, no super flavorful though. Fries were just good. Crazy problem with service, couldn’t divide bill. I’d order and eat it here again but w/out any particular enthusiasm.” GRADE: B

Cheeseburger medium rare, no onion: “Awesome bun, should have ordered it rare, stayed together well, mild tasting meat.” GRADE: A-

Mexican burger, l/t/o, avocado, ham, pineapple, ketchup, pickled jalapenos, cheese, etc?: “I’m biased, as a semi-regular at this pub, but for a place focused on beer, the burger is a real pleasant experience.” GRADE: A

Cheeseburger: “The burger was good but not great. In a great burger, the ingredients add up to more than their scrumptious parts. SPTR’s burger was equal to the sum of it’s parts. Meat and cheese are delicious…how can they not be? But the burger wasn’t spectacular.” GRADE B-

Cheeseburger medium rare with bacon, no bun: “My favorite burger club ever. PICKLES (four stars for pickles). Meat was seasoned well, cooked perfectly. Price was equal to quality – a bit pricey but good. Service was great! Friendly and prompt. Wished there were other cheeses. Stated local grass  fed beef, but couldn’t tell where from. Salad ingredients were fresh and delicious.” GRADE: A-

Cheeseburger: “Tasted like July 4th!! So good.” GRADE: A

New York Style Mexican Burger: “A little salty…service a little salty too.” GRADE A

New York Style Mexican Burger: “Fucking delicious as fuck. So many ingredients! Kinda gave me all the things I LOVE about a burrito, but in burger form. Huzzay.” GRADE: A

Mexican burger: “Tasted fresh – very filling.” GRADE A

BURGER NOVICE, cheeseburger medium w/ salad: “1st bite – delicious! Removed tomato added pickled veggies – juicy + cooked appropriately. Bun tasty, didn’t fall apart. Very tasty sauce. Loved pickled veggies. Loved that it is local, grassfed burger.” GRADE A

Burger rare, with bacon: “Wow. Just excellently done all around. Good pickle garnish. Please don’t make your own ketchup. Heinz is fine.” GRADE A

Burger rare, with bacon: “Also the pickles were awesome! The ketchup was not. Best pub burger we’ve had. Loved the bun, soft but maintained integrity. The meat was well seasoned and formed into a well constructed patty. Loved it!” GRADE A

Cheeseburger medium: “This was my first burger club burger, but I feel as if there was special attention made to the construction. The bun was outstanding. I also think the ratio of bun to meat is an important one and they nailed it. Looking forward to future burgers.” GRADE A+

Cheeseburger medium with bacon: “Good burger, nicely seasoned. Great smokey flavor, homemade ketsup not too sour/vinegary, very interestingly mild ketsup. No mayo offered but that is ok. Steak fries substantial and hearty but still nice and crispy. Soft bun w/ crispy crusty crust, raw red onions = nice. Great beer list.” GRADE A-

Cheeseburger medium: “bun was crispy, not too doughy. Burger cooked perfectly, nice smokey taste and very juicy. Lots of topping options, great sauce. Side salad was rockin’! Bit pricey, but worth it. Nice relaxed, friendly atmosphere.” GRADE A

3 grilled cheese sandwich with tomato soup: “Very cheesy but maybe too much butter in bread. Although, very delicious. And the tomato soup EVER.” GRADE B+/A-

Cheeseburger medium, no toppings: “Great bun!! Nice solid beef pattie with grill marks. French fries were great too! Nicely cooked - crisp but still potato – i.e. home-made katsup was missing something, would have been nice to have some Heinz 57 available. But ok overall. The pattie & bun pair wonderfully. I don’t really have any cons. All good yo! Yeah South Phil!” GRADE A

Regular burger medium with bacon and avocado: “love the bun, perfectly cooked, excellent patty, special sauce nicely lucious, superior burger cohesion while maintaining each ingredient as distinct taste. Huzzah for the South Philly Taproom!” GRADE A

Cheeseburger medium rare with bacon: “Where to begin, this burger is perfectly constructed. A total sum of it’s parts. Bun, my favorite in the city. Patty was well seasoned and juicy. Loved the thinly sliced red onion and the special sauce. Pickled veggies was a nice surprise addition to the plate.” GRADE A+

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