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The Locals are Delicious pt. 2 – 1am freak out!

November 24th, 2008 · 1 Comment · Locals are Delicious, Reading Terminal Market, burgerbaroness, philly, pork, potluck, recipe

When I last left you I had successfully made some delicious chicken stock. I was now ready to spend my Friday night braising pork with the following recipe.

Braised pork shoulder with white wine and apple onion confit

Ingredients for my pork shoulder

These are the ingredients for the pork, it’s that easy.

I started the recipe around 8:30 and well by 12 am I felt that I had too much braising liquid left (I might have added too much) and wasn’t quite sure how the apples fit in with the recipe. Plus, the apples I bought were entirely too soft and didn’t taste very good. So by 1am I was tired and freaking out that my dish = FAIL. The pork was totally tender but I could not separate myself from the apples not working so I couldn’t determine if it tasted good. I decided to go to bed and do something about the apples the next day.

I am so glad I took a break because the next day I tasted the pork and it was delicious. I thought I could just do something different with the apples and I would be fine. I got some very good advice about apples and went to RTM to pick up some pink ladies and honey. When I got home I quickly added some butter and leftover braising liquid to a pan and then added half of a chopped onion. Once the onions cooked a bit I added the peeled and chopped pink ladies and let them cook. I added a little honey to this and voila the apples were a success. Sorry for no specific measurements, I did this sans recipe.

I think the reason for my freak out was due to my infamiliarity with the apple/pork combo. I had a high school friend whose family would often have pork chops and apple sauce and I just did not get it. We were more of a beef family. We had pork chops occasionally but usually just had mashed potatoes with them, no apples. I have now seen the light. Pork + apples = crazy delicious.

Stay tuned for the final installment of the Locals are Delicious where I finally write about the pot luck and show you all the many wonderful things that can be made with local food stuffs.

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