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BCP Report Card #11 – MidAtlantic

March 23rd, 2010 · No Comments · Burger Club, MidAtlantic, Report Card, University City, burger


3711 Market Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104-5504
(215) 386-3711

I picked MidAtlantic for our first burger club of the year, yes again I lack timeliness, because I wanted to try something new and exciting and they seemed to have all of that. I was also pleased to see that they had several different burger options on the menu. As of today though I don’t see the Farmhouse as an option on their menu online.

Burger options

Located in University City, I was surprised at how big of a turnout this meating was. This was probably the most upscale of the restaurants we have visited as burger club. The space is large, modern and open. I really enjoyed the feel of the it.


MidAtlantic burger: horseradish cheddar, house-made summer sausage and pickles on a donut roll

MidAtlantic burger

Farmhouse burger: mixed vegetables in a garlic buttermilk dressing

Farmhouse burger

Special burger: ma slaw, swiss cheese and hot peppers

Special burger



  1. Fries
  2. Tie: patty/excellent service
  3. Tie: regular bun/horseradish cheddar
  4. Donut bun


  1. Patty fell apart
  2. Under seasoned patty
  3. Tie: donut bun/fries/not cooked as ordered
  4. Tie: regular bun/pickles


  1. MidAtlantic burger
  2. Standard burger
  3. Special burger
  4. Farmhouse burger


I feel like I say this on every report card but again the things certain folks loved were the same things that other folks did not love. For example, while a lot of people enjoyed the quality and taste of the patty, others found the patty under seasoned and fell apart easily. I was surprised at what mixed reviews the donut bun received. This might have been the most highly anticipated aspect of the MidAtlantic burger options.  It was not an actual donut for a bun but instead used dough similar to a donut. While I enjoyed the texture of the bun, I didn’t find it substantial enough to hold together the burger and it’s contents. One aspect of the MidAtlantic burger that was an unquestionable success was the horseradish cheddar which topped it. It was creamy and added a nice kick to the burger. The fries were also a surprise but most of us really enjoyed them. They were more like breakfast potatoes and were super crispy on the outside.

All of the burgers at MidAtlantic were wonderfully constructed and came to the table looking like a piece of burger art. I’m not sure if burger club was ready for such a nontraditional take on the burger but I appreciated the inventiveness even if they didn’t quite succeed in the execution. I tried all four of the burgers and found myself enjoying the MidAtlantic burger the most. I wanted to enjoy the Special burger more that I did. Unfortunately, the first bite I took of the burger included a hot pepper, which was duh very spicy but it totally took over the burger. I couldn’t taste anything else.

I want to thank the staff at MidAtlantic for such excellent service. We filled half of their restaurant on a Tuesday night and they were super accommodating and everything came out on time. This restaurant definitely fills in a much needed gap in the University City area and I will be very happy to visit again for a non-burger related meal.


MidAtlantic burger: “What a fine burger this was! Big burger! Didn’t make my belly hurt! Lovely, accommodating waitstaff! I heart this burger!” GRADE: A

BURGER NOVICE, MidAtlantic burger medium rare: “Pros – tasty meat, juicy. good horseradish cheese. Bun tasty. Cons – sausage a little odd. A little spendy.” GRADE: B

Standard burger: “The meat was great. The bun was blah. Wish I had the donut roll. I should’ve ordered cheese. I think I ordered wrong! Great potential, though.” GRADE: A-

MidAtlantic burger  medium rare: “86 the pickles. Was too rare in the middle – but overall tasty! good donut bun, great cheese, good sausage, awesome patty – a little messy.” GRADE: A-

MidAtlantic burger medium rare: “Excellent flavors – weak construction. I had to use a fork [sadface drawing].” GRADE: B+

MidAtlantic burger: “Great meat! Well seasoned and great concept. Overall, too much fluff, not enough straight forward burgerness. Complex, almost too much. Lots of different flavors. Could have did without the pickles. ‘Fries’ were great. Boiled and fried wedges make me happy.” GRADE: B-

No burger type mentioned: “So the fries were awesome. They burgers were perhaps less than spectacular. The farmhouse wound up being my fav. the veggies were a great addition to the burger. They were snappy and tasty. However the flavors int he other burgers were a bit muddled.” GRADE: B

The entire menu: “Tasted so good. Smelled like a burger should. Looked visually appealing. Tasty toppings.” GRADE: A+

MidAtlantic burger: “Under seasoned. Roll not substantial enough for burger and fixins, horseradish cheddar helped the flavor.” GRADE: B

MidAtlantic burger: “needs salt, ordered ‘medium rare’ but got ‘rare’ which I’m ok with, but it wasn’t accurate. Bun didn’t hold up to the burger. Didn’t get why they added sausage, fries seemed a little too greasy. + liked the horseradish spread, nice sized burger.” GRADE: B

Special burger: $12 – ok, better @ $10 I think. Cooked properly. Brioche roll was perfect, slaw was a nice touch. Cheese was sloppy tho and ‘fries’ were more like overcooked wedges. Good beer list and draft list.” GRADE: B

Special burger: “Loved the brioche roll. $12 pretty good, portion was generous and I was full! Cocktails are nice, beer list is awesome. Atmosphere too industrial for me and it was cold. The flavors did not meld together well. Long hots way too hot! Everything fell out, I know burgers are messy but man! Guess the brioche didn’t hold up. Meat quality was good and fresh, could have been more flavorful (but it’s not a steakhouse). Homefries were a nice different touch, very cooked but needed more salt and pepper.” GRADE: B

Farmhouse burger: “I don’t approve of this concept. Lovely fresh string beans, carrots and pickled things in a creamy dressing – all it needed was some penne for a good pasta salad. But not a good burger topping. Meat – Mmmmm! The burger patty totally saved it – loose but a nice amount of char. Good bun, too, but slightly too much for patty. Cute ketchup pots, but not well suited to shape of fries. Fries – lovely crisp shell with pillows inside.” GRADE: B

Standard burger medium rare: “Very good, but for the price, I expected, meh. I wanted EXCELLENT. The horseradish cheddar was amazing.” GRADE: B+

MidAtlantic burger: “Cooked a little rare, but still cooked well, pickles and horseradish cheddar really good. Good service.” GRADE: A

Standard burger medium rare: “Somewhat insubstantial but not dense at least. Summer sausage overkill. Donut roll not as good as standard roll.” GRADE: B

Standard burger well done: “Excellent burger, flavorful and juicy. Great weight, soft bun. Fries were crunchy and soft – wonderful. Excellent service.” GRADE: A

Special burger: “Good quality meat not formed well, meat fell apart. Cheese was on top of slaw – cold, thin, hard. should have been on burger. Bun too big – hard. Service, prompt and unobtrusive.” GRADE: B-

MidAtlantic burger: “Burger was good overall, but quite underseasoned. Horseradish cheese was quite tasty but visually unappealing. Sausage was very mild, as were the pickles. Salad was tasty but very simple.” GRADE: B

Standard burger medium well: “Ambiance was good, service was fast. Now, down to the burger! I chose a safe burger opposed to some of the fancier tricky ones on the menu. I felt like they made the basic burger well. The meat was a little subpar but the bun picked up the slack. Fixins and fries were great. Portions were perfect. Solid B!” GRADE: B

Standard burger: “Quality beef, interesting but very untraditional in it’s texture and style. Nice place and interesting menu…will come back and try other stuff. C- Because I couldn’t assemble it into a traditional burger. Just a bit too out there for me. Mustard was off-putting and Horseradish cheese is real subtle…too subtle. But if you’re down with untraditional burgers…this one is pretty cool.” GRADE: C-

MidAtlantic burger: “Very tasty combo of horseradish cheddar with patty though a bit oily. Bun was a nice surprise, but was dwarfed by patty. Patty undercooked (raw) for medium BUT: overall very flavorful, nice combination of textures. Fries were awesome! Service great!” GRADE: B

MidAtlantic burger: “Great flavor and cooked as I ordered, cheese was unexpected but good and different. Would have gotten a B+ or maybe an A- if it didn’t fall apart, a little annoying but ok.” GRADE: B

Standard burger with Gruyere cheese: “Excellent service.” GRADE: B+

Standard burger with cheddar: “Tasty bun and meat but lacked consistency – fell apart.” GRADE: B

Special burger: “Spice very unbalance and overpowers other flavors. Good fries.” GRADE: B

MidAtlantic burger: “‘Medium’ was under cooked. I’d call it medium rare at best. I thought the standard bun was better than the midatlantic doughnut bun. the sausage didn’t’ add tremendously to the experience. For the extra $5, I don’t’ think it was an improvement over the standard. Home fries were ok, but…don’t tell me I’m getting fries when I’m getting potato wedges. As I kept eating, patty dissolved, it started coming out of the side.” GRADE: C-


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