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I’m lovin’ it: Todd Barry’s Receipt Museum

March 5th, 2010 · 1 Comment · I'm lovin' it, Todd Barry, comedy, favorites, teh internets

Thanks to gingerchildren for writing up her crush of the week on Todd Barry because it got me to visit his website and discover the wonder that is his Receipt Museum. I too am a fan* of Mr. Barry and the fact that he SAVES HIS RECEIPTS AND THEN WRITES SOMETHING FUNNY ABOUT  THEM might make me entirely too happy for words. Is that sad? Probably yes.


Todd Barry is a sensitive guy, really sensitive. Other guys will patiently read your poetry if you ask, but Todd will actually ask you if you write poetry before you bring it up. And if you don’t, he’ll encourage you to do so. He’ll call you up daily and say things like “Hope you’re writing poetry today!” That said, Todd still has it in him to be “mega manly.” Like when he walked into this East Village restaurant and ordered a bowl of “meat soup.” Hearty, delicious meat soup. The perfect way to fuel up before diving into a seventh re-read of The Collected Poems of Octavio Paz, 1957-1987: Bilingual Edition.

Kindly borrowed from http://www.toddbarry.com/receipt_museum.html

This is just one of his receipts, you should totally stop over at his Receipt Museum and check out the rest. Also buy his records and go see him perform live.

I’d also like to note that he ordered a turkey burger. It’s a kind of burger so this is totally relevant to the scope of this blog.

*You can see on my Last.fm chart for last week that I listened to Todd Barry more than anything else. That’s a thing.


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