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BCP Report Card #12 – Devil’s Alley

May 4th, 2010 · 1 Comment · Burger Club, Center City, Devil's Alley, Report Card


Devil’s Alley
1907 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA?
(215) 751-0707


I keep thinking this will be the last time I mention how I fail at timeliness but it won’t be. Back when this meating occurred there was snow on the ground. In fact if my memory serves me correctly this was the night before snowpocalypse #2. THAT IS SO LONG AGO, WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME. I am admitting my personal failure to you to  illustrate how perfect, the cozy and warm, upstairs bar and dining area of Devil’s Alley was for this occasion. They were kind enough to give us this space so we could spread out and eat some burgers.

Cheeseburger: 1/2 pound ground sirloin with American cheese.


Innards with red onion marmalade


Close up of red onion marmalade.


The Devil Burger: 1/2 pound ground sirloin topped with onion rings fries. Served with a side of cheese sauce.




  1. Bun
  2. Tied: great service/fries
  3. Onion jam
  4. Veggie burger


  1. Patty under seasoned/not cooked as ordered
  2. Expensive


I chose Devil’s Alley because they had a burger option for everyone. From the Devil’s Burger, which was topped with french fries AND onion rings, for the fried food lover in you, to the homemade veggie burger for our vegetarian pals. There was even a turkey burger on the menu though I don’t have any record of anyone ordering it. While the service was excellent and the ambiance was spot on, there were a few things that got in the way of our enjoyment of the burgers.

Many of our burger club members found the beef patty to be majorly under seasoned. I found this to be my major complaint with the burger as well. The patty had a really nice char on it but it lacked any kind of seasoning. Several folks also complained that their burgers did not come out at the temperature they had ordered it. I try to have a little bit of sympathy for the kitchen when it comes to BCP because they are cooking around 20 burgers but we have had a number of kitchens able to get the majority of our burgers out as ordered.

It is also pretty easy to drop a lot of money at Devil’s Alley. The burger prices range between $6.95-10.95 and do not include fries. Everything seemed to be a la carte besides The Devil Burger which  included fries and onion rings topping the burger. The fries were excellent but I just think fries should be included with the price of a burger. This could be more of a personal preference though.

Yay Corey! One of my favorite faces of burger club.


Clearly by the look on Corey’s face, we still had a great time at Devil’s Alley. That’s just how we do. The service was excellent and they had some good beers on tap for the night.  I would definitely come back again for a snack and a beer.


Burger with Swiss & mushrooms, medium: “Had some trouble getting order right. Pros – service, very sweet, salad great, toppings tasty, nice atmosphere. Cons – patty a little light on seasoning and too loose, lots of burger movement. Also had to send back because 1st burger was well done. Second try was still medium rare, but overall, w/ topping it was tasty. Expensive, had to order everything separate.” GRADE: B-

Veggie burger with fries: “It’s not a pre-packaged patty, but not a lot going on. Mushy. Mushroomy. Onions on top were great, as were fries. Awesome service.” GRADE: C

Devil burger: “Kinda small, not bad though. Small burger for burger and fries @ $11.” GRADE: B

Veggie burger w/ sauteed mushrooms: “Veggie patty was thin and crusty! Dreaded onions mixed in with sauteed mushrooms! Not so happy with this burger. show those veggies some love next time. Our waitress was nice though.” GRADE: C

Devil burger, well-done with sauteed mushroom: “They forgot my mushrooms. For a ‘special’ burger, it seemed to much like a plain burger. Meat was cooked well, but rather plain.” GRADE: C-

Bacon guacamole burger: “Very nice ingredients and pretty tasty. Great bun. A bit expensive though.” GRADE: B

Cheeseburger, well-done: “Bland, not juicy, inoffensive but unimpressive. Fries were very good. Pricey for so ordinary. Cheese was rubbery and greasy. Bun was a-ok. Service was good.” GRADE: C

Veggie burger with provolone cheese sauteed mushrooms and red onion marmalade: “Quality was awesome. Pros – was great veggie! Cons – I’m on a diet so I couldn’t have real burger but really enjoyed veggie.” GRADE: A-

Veggie burger with cheddar and grilled sweet potatoes: “Flavorful burger and good texture. Really liked the onion marmalade the burger came with and the bun. Burger could have been a little heftier. Sweet potatoes were nothing special and not hot enough.” GRADE: A

Veggie burger with onion jam and cheddar: “Substantial, not too mushy burger with a little kick. Edges of toasted bun were a little crispy – like left in toaster oven too long. Onion jam was fabulous – sweet and tasty. A sharper cheddar would have contrasted nicely with the onion jam.” GRADE: A

BURGER NOVICE, veggie burger with provolone cheese and mushrooms: “Burger was tasty, crispy on the outside. Good cheese and mushrooms tasty but I thought the “extras” pricing was a little expensive.” GRADE: B+

Guac, bacon and cheddar burger: “Very bland burger. Dry and the guac/cheese/bacon were pretty much flavorless. Pros: nice bun, excellent fries.” GRADE: C+

Bleu cheese and bacon burger, medium: “Not as juicy as some, but you can’t go wrong with bleu cheese and bacon. The bun texture was good. The flavorless tomato was the only problem. Good service. Fries cost extra.” GRADE: B+

Veggie burger: “Good bun, liked the onion marmalade, appreciated that the patty was homemade. Good price.” GRADE: A

No burger mentioned: “A little overdone.” GRADE: B

Guacamole cheddar burger: “It was good.” GRADE: B+

Bacon cheddar burger: Grade: B+

Guacamole and cheddar burger: “A little overcooked for medium rare besides that everything was great.” GRADE: A-

Hamburger and fries: “A half pound of totally under seasoned meat! What’s the point?” GRADE: C-

Devil burger: “Meh.” GRADE: C-

Veggie burger: “It wasn’t meat so my body didn’t reject it.” GRADE: B+

Burger: “Bun was solid, didn’t fall apart. Lettuce/tomato a little disappointing but I did enjoy it.” GRADE: B

Burger with provolone and bacon: “It was more well done than I had ordered (med is what i ordered, well it what I got). But I found it very tasty with a nice chunky grind and deep char grill flavor. Bread/roll was good and held together nicely. Fries were nicely flavored. Expensive a la carte style.” GRADE: B+


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