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Party and Brunching: A Full Plate Cafe

April 16th, 2010 · 3 Comments · Full Plate Cafe, NoLibs, brunch, burrito, party and brunching

After a night of too many specials from Bob and Barbara’s, this was just the kind of brunch I needed to heal my hungover body and soul. Yes this hangover reached deep.

A large Ball jar filled with water and a cup of coffee is a great way to start the healing process.  I love A Full Plate Cafe’s drinkware.

Glassware at A Full Plate Cafe

Biscuits and lemmmon curd by Baker E. E puts the mmm  in lemmmon curd. That’s what I’m calling it for now on. I think you all should follow suit. As a brunch special, A Full Plate is offering a biscuit and one of E’s famous jams or curd for $3. What a deal!

I was in need of something eggy and smothered in sour cream. Don’t ask, it just happens sometimes. Their chicken breakfast burrito was the perfect option. The burrito comes wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla and filled with the fluffiest scrambled eggs you ever did see,  southwestern shredded chicken and lots of cheese. I also wanted some mushrooms in it so they were kind enough to accommodate me and added some portabellas to my burrito. It also comes with A Full Plate’s awesome breakfast potatoes which include regular and sweet potatoes. Yay!

Chicken breakfast burrito, at A Full Plate Cafe

Burrito innards! Not the prettiest picture but I wanted you to see how full of eggy goodness it was.

Burrito innards

My friend Meg got the tuna melt. I had a little bite. I’m not a huge fan of tuna melts but this one was good.  She really enjoyed it. Take note, tuna melt lovers.

Tuna melt and salad, at A Full Plate Cafe

Dessert! Ok I don’t normally do dessert. It’s not my favorite thing. BUT. When you are at A Full Plate, dessert is a must. You know why? Because Baker E makes all of the desserts and SHE IS THE BEST THING TO HIT PHILLY’S SWEET TOOTH. Yes she is a close friend of mine but, even if I was in a terribly sad alternate reality where we weren’t friends, her oatmeal cream pies would still be my favorite dessert ever. EVER. This weekend they were especially large. I was greedy and ordered one all for myself. I’m bad at sharing. My picture looks pretty doesn’t it? Note to self: eat more brunch, better lighting for pictures.

Colossal oatmeal whoopie by Baker E, at A Full Plate Cafe

The timing of this post is perfect because now you have a little taste of what to expect from A Full Plate’s brunch. I suggest that you stop by tomorrow for brunch and while you’re there visit the National Food Bloggers Bake Sale. I’ve got your Saturday all planned!

A Full Plate Cafe
1009 N. Bodine St
Philadelphia, PA 19123

Brunch:  Saturday and Sunday 10am – 3pm


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