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Party and Brunching: Cantina Dos Segundos

June 18th, 2010 · 4 Comments · Cantina Dos Segundos, NoLibs, boozy, brunch, party and brunching

The last “party and brunching” I shared with you was a brunch that healed both the body and soul. This week’s brunch is all about the hair of the dog. Sometimes you just want to keep the party going and you can definitely do that at Dos Segundos.

Brunch menu, at Dos Segundos

You will immediately be welcomed with chips and two kinds of salsa. My friends and I have an ongoing debate about these salsas. We all really enjoy the red salsa but the green one is always inconsistent. I enjoy it most days but my friends are not fans. What generally happens is that we all eat up the red salsa very quickly and the green salsa is left behind. Just in case you wanted to know about the salsa eating habits of me and my friends. Enjoy.

Salsas, at Dos Segundos

Here is where the hair of the dog comes in. Margaritas! Below is their mango margarita. I was feeling tropical. Normally we share a pitcher or 3 of plain margaritas. That will definitely get you going on a path to boozy brunching where you step out into the sun and wonder why you are drunk at 1pm, on a Sunday afternoon. I call it church.

Mango margarita, at Dos Segundos

I can never stay away from their guacamole. It’s fresh and simple. It could use a little extra squirt of lime juice but other than that I love this stuff. It comes with chips that are a little thicker than the ones that come with the salsa. I like them better.

Closer look at guacamole, at Dos Segundos

Heuvos dos segundos: poached eggs, sopes, Benton’s bacon, refried beans, chipotle hollandaise and breakfast potatoes. What doesn’t this dish have? I love this dish. The eggs are poached perfectly. The hollandaise has a subtle kick of chipotle so it doesn’t overwhelm the dish. I also love refried beans on pretty much anything so their inclusion in this dish makes me happy. My only minor complaint with this dish is that I wish the sopes were a little bit thinner. I find the sopa to topping ratio a little off.

Huevos dos segundos

Let me just get up close and personal to this Benton’s bacon. So smoky and thick, I would marry this bacon if people wouldn’t judge me for it. I would probably look a little stranger than normal carrying around a slab of this bacon. Just a little.

Huevos dos segundos, at Dos Segundos

I believe this is the quesadilla de pollo which includes:  achiote chicken, poblano peppers, roasted corn,  and queso fresco. While I did not eat these, the picture came out so well I had to share it. I did have a bite and it was delicious. I really enjoyed the pico that was included with this dish.

Chicken quesadilla

Keep it boozy Philadelphia!

Cantina Dos Segundos

931 North 2nd Street
Philadelphia, PA 19123-2326
(215) 629-0500


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  • nikki

    I need to check this place out! Also I love this: “That will definitely get you going on a path to boozy brunching where you step out into the sun and wonder why you are drunk at 1pm, on a Sunday afternoon. I call it church.”

  • Zanti

    This is fantastic. I want Mexican restaurant fusion brunch.

  • Chef Dennis

    wow!! everything looks delicious!!
    thanks so much for sharing!

  • nachoman

    I hate brunch and I really hate mexican brunch. I think I’ll create a border between my mouth and that crap they serve in dos segundos! If you want a real brunch, stop over at my favorite all american restaurant – the Dew Inn. Delicious.

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