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Happy Birthday to Burger Club Philly!

April 16th, 2010 · 1 Comment · Burger Club, National Burger Month, burgerbaroness

It’s officially been a year since our first BCP meating! Unfortunately there will be no Burger Club this month. Sorry to disappoint. I really want to do something special for it but I am planning some time off in early May (MAXFUNCON!) and every weekend this month is packed so I couldn’t plan accordingly. I also have some catching up to do with the report cards, I’ve been a very bad burger blogger. I will be posting a year in review of the first year of burger club, it’s been an amazing time. I can’t thank you enough for all your love and support of BCP. I’ve said it before but it is seriously my favorite thing. If getting a group of people to eat burgers could pay the bills I would do it full time, spreading the joy of burgering to everyone in my path. A girl can dream.

Don’t fret though nerdburgers, May is NATIONAL HAMBURGER MONTH. I’ll be offering burgery giveaways all month long, similar to what we did during blogiversary month.  Also, I am working on a Burger Club cookout during Memorial Day weekend. More details coming soon! If you or someone you know wants to help out by donating meat, buns, beer or anything else, please email me. In return I would provide lots of free advertising and serious love on the blog. I want to make this a celebration of burgers and the people who love them. Let’s make it happen!

Here is my official mascot for May, the Big Boy.



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