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food failures: martha’s everday food "easy" drop cookies

December 3rd, 2008 · 4 Comments · cookies, food failures, jaimeshake, sweets

i was poised to record last night’s thanksgiving leftovers extreme makeover (that ended up being very tasty) but for some reason when i was uploading the pictures, my computer ate them.  i can’t find them on my memory stick or in the recycle bin or anywhere.  bah humbug.  so that post is out.  luckily i had something else on the backburner.

i make cooking mistakes fairly often.  and i’ve helplessly fed them to friends.  my first attempt at chocolate ice cream – fed to bethany and earle.  it was more like chocolate soup, but they ate it and encouraged me nonetheless.  my countless attempts at making the world’s best yet slightly healthier chocolate chip cookie?  good lord.  i think earle has eaten more wheat germ and spelt than the nutty granolas living in colorado.

and there’s like, way more examples than that.  but you get the drift.  last wednesday i was really excited to try this cookie dough, prepared as drop cookies with jam in the center.  i picked up some damson plum preserves that seriously tempted my taste buds and on a whim of inspiration, some green & black baking chocolate squares.  i even went so far as buying a couple navel oranges to zest up the “easy” dough.  oh contraire, mon frere.

ok so the dough was slightly easy to make, and would have been easier if i had actually let the butter rest at room temp before making the dough.  earle tried to help – we had the sticks sitting on the preheating oven in the hopes that would speed the process along.  but it wasn’t ready.  and if you look at the instructions for preparing the dough, butter is pretty much the star of the show.  so that seriously f-ed up the consistency and made my cookies fall flat, instead of keeping their basic, mountainous shape.

another mistake?  buying bittersweet baking chocolate.  i should have bought regular dark or milk chocolate squares to nestle in the cookie dough.  the chocolate center was way too bitter to enjoy – even for earle, who will eat damn near everything i make w/out complaint.  but even he had to admit it wasn’t the best.  again, bah.

all in all, it wasn’t the worst or most disastrous baking experience ever, but i know i can do better.  i’m going to try again next week i think.  we’ll see how that pans out.

oh and now i want to make these cookies.  if i can’t even handle easy drop cookies, well, i cringe thinking about how these will turn out.


i attempted the cookies on the left – that’s how they’re supposed to look…


and how mine turned out.  boo.



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  • e

    If you don’t have the patience to wait for cold butter to come to room temperature, try microwaving it for 10 to 15 seconds per stick. That usually does the trick of taking enough of the chill off so that it will cream nicely with the sugar.

  • jayleah

    thanks! yeah that’s a much better strategy. i was pretty overwhelmed that night – had to make stuffing, cranberry sauce, and parsnips. i had a lot on my plate.

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