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MaxFunCon was indeed maximum fun

June 3rd, 2010 · 4 Comments · MaxFunCon, burger, burgerbaroness, comedy, favorites, travel

Long overdue recap of my experience at MaxFunCon.

So my experience at MFC wasn’t exactly food related BUT I have mentioned it so I thought I would offer you a little recap of my time there and try to keep it as food related as possible.

A friend asked me, when I returned to Philly, if I was sad it was all over. I surprised myself when I answered no. Yes, I had an amazing time and while I was there I didn’t want to leave but the great thing about MFC is that you are inspired by all the awesomeness you have witnessed that you rush home motivated to be more awesome yourself.

This talk by Andrew WK was my very favorite part of MaxFunCon. He talks about food a little bit but he also talks about joy. I was a mix of insane laughter and emotional rawness during his talk. I almost jumped out of my seat, raised my hands and yelled HALLELUJAH! Fortunately or unfortunately, for those sitting next to me, I just howled with laughter and had tears welling up in my eyes. I was a good mess.

Food is a great experience because you get to consume it, right? So it’s one of the few things that you could actually eat that you love.

I talked with Bill Corbett and Michael J Nelson from RiffTrax about burgers! First I got to sit in on their RiffTrax session where they walked us through their process of movie riffing and then we got to do a little bit of it ourselves. My mind was a little slow that morning, I blame the Malort, so while I didn’t offer anything funny I laughed a lot to help encourage folks. That’s something! You should totally check out this RiffTrax short, Families: Food and Eating. Oh so back to burger talkin’ with Jess, while I was waiting in line for something I ended up standing next to Bill Corbett and Michael J Nelson, it only feels right to use their full names. They noticed the @burgerbaroness on my name-tag and asked what that was all about and thus burger talkin’ began. Bill Corbett mentioned the Juicy Lucy, which I knew a thing or two about. Michael J Nelson talked about how he likes to use a cast iron pan to make burgers for his kids. Yes! MaxFunCon could have ended just then and I would have been completely satisfied.

Rifftrax session

RiffTrax dudes

Pub Quiz with John Hodgman and Elephant Larry. My love for Hodgman is no secret. I was no help to my team for most of the pub quiz questions. Disneyland, comic books and the Yankees are not a part of my areas of expertise. SEE WHAT I DID THERE?! BUT I believe my contribution to the apples category helped my team get 2nd place. I know a thing or two about apples. It pays to spend your high school summers  in Yakima, WA. I was happy to meet fellow Philadelphian and pub quiz teammate @theindigi.

Pub Quiz host John Hodgman

Lonelysandwich – ok not technically a food thing  but the  word sandwich is there and he likes burgers. He is also my favorite of the You Look Nice Today dudes. Don’t get me wrong, Merlin and Scott are wonderful but I am a sucker for a good beard. Their live show was one of the funniest moments of the weekend so you should totally check it out. Oh and you can hear my annoying cackle. PLEASE  START LISTENING TO THIS PODCAST, IF YOU DON’T ALREADY! IF YOU DO, LET’S HAVE A SHIRLEY TEMPLE OF DOOM TOGETHER! Really this is just an excuse for me to share this picture.

Latest buddy cop series

The Sandwich and the Baroness, NBC's next buddy cop series.

And this one.

Awkward hand gestures

My favorite podcasters

I am grateful to Jesse Thorn for putting this amazing weekend together. Everyone I met were incredibly kind and talented. SERIOUSLY, MOST AMAZING GROUP OF PEOPLE IN ONE PLACE EVER. This post doesn’t even cover half of the great stuff that I experienced over the weekend but it’s the most food related. We did eat and drink well all weekend. BOOZE!! There was even a burger lunch. I could have died from happiness. I must give a little shout out to my roomies, Lauren and Leanne, because they made my weekend even better. Meaning we had dance parties in between scheduled MFC events.

I will definitely be back next year. That’s a warning and a promise.

To keep the memories of this amazing weekend in my heart forever or at least on a wall at home, I just bought this great print, drawn by new Twitter pal @wolfhard. Pretty much sums up my emotions perfectly. You can purchase one for yourself at the MaxFunStore.

Flickr set!


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  • Stradi

    After reading your entry and visiting the maxfuncon website, I’ve convinced my boyfriend of going next year!! It looks ridiculously fun and thank you very much for sharing your experience!

    There’s four exclamation points in this comment! :D

  • Rob Campbell

    Man. Lonelysandwich really was the most awesome guest. Totally reveled in having his photo taken with other folks. He’s my favorite now too.

  • Tony

    Wow, hanging with the YLNT crew would indeed be Maximum Fun. Love their podcast. So envious! And to think they came to Philly not that long ago and I missed them. Grr.

  • Sara

    Several things – first, love your site…yum, burgers. Second – holy crap MaxFunCon! I can’t get enough of WTF, Never Not Funny and Jordon, Jesse, Go! Must have been a blast and really with a name like MaxFunCon how could it not be? I’m jealous.

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