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An experiment in gardening

May 31st, 2010 · 2 Comments · 19122, friends, gardening, locally grown

While I am catching up with being away for soooo long I thought I would quickly share my experience with community gardening thus far.

Community garden plot!

My friend Meg and I are sharing this plot and look we have stuff growing! It is amazing to me how scared I am of planting things into the ground. I worry I’m doing it all wrong. For two busy ladies, who haven’t had a lot of time to spend on the garden, we are doing pretty good. I’ve killed spider plants in the past so anything coming up is a success to me. I’m easy to please.

It felt great this weekend to do some weeding, head over to Greensgrow to pick up more stuff to plant, put them in the ground and then water them. I actually became a big fan of weeding. It’s super relaxing and I love seeing the end result when I’m done.

Butter lettuce!

I am especially excited about the butter lettuce you see above. This was a part of our first round of planting which also included:  mixed greens, cauliflower, kale, four kinds of basil and cilantro. This weekend we planted: rosemary, some weird herb I can’t remember the name of,  hot peppers, yellow peppers, grape tomatoes, plum tomatoes, tomatillos, and melons. Again we are calling this an experiment so we’re just having fun and learning from the experience. The cilantro has done amazing well. Cilantro pesto here we come!

This is a great project to have with a friend. We’ve gotten into the habit of meeting up for breakfast before we work in the garden so we get to cook together too! Yay friends!


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  • Taylor

    Vegetable gardening is the most rewarding and enjoyable kind of gardening. Yay, y’all!

  • Marina

    Gardens are the best – I have a teeny tiny plot in my make believe back yard and have 8 plants – tomatoes, basil, mint…looking forward to the fruits of my labor.

    On the burger front, I moved to Philly recently and found your club, sweetness. I didn’t see any events coming up though…I’ve been wanting to check out Bobby Flay’s place – have you been?

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