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Burger Club Meating #14 – Johnny Brenda’s

June 11th, 2010 · 2 Comments · Burger Club, Johnny Brenda's, burgerbaroness

Burger club is not dead! I promise. We were just taking a little break. I am happy to announce that BCP will be returning with a vengeance. This summer we will get back to our monthly schedule starting in July with an all out welcome back BCP, Happy Birthday BCP and Happy Birthday to me. It will be a party! Yes while we were on hiatus,  Burger Club turned 1. I was going to attempt to get something together in May but I was in California for most of the month. I love being able to say that.

Sooo we are getting together on July 12th at Johnny Brenda’s for so much celebrating. There is a lot to celebrate. My birthday is on the 14th and I am pretty much a birthday whore, I love my birthday, so we will celebrate that as well, because I said so.

Monday, July 12 @ 6:00

Johnny Brenda’s – 1201 Frankford Ave

Burger Club Celebration!

Official Facebook event invite, if you’re into that kind of thing.

My favorite sign in Philly

I have mentioned my love for the burger at JB’s time and time again. It is also my very favorite bar. I hope to have some smooth jams playing for us and just an overall awesome atmosphere for you nerdburgers. Oh and great beer. Mmm burgers and beer. Doesn’t this all sound delightful? I want to go to there now.

JB's burger

I also hope to unveil the new Burger Club tee shirt. I think I will also be switching up the BCP Report Card so I can get them posted in a more timely fashion. Basically I am just going to make BCP even better. Also, Burger Club has been moved to Mondays for the summer. It’s going to be a very burgery summer.


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  • Sam

    I’m in! Can’t wait. Hoping for a post burger session pool tournament.

  • christine

    is there a sign up sheet? hell, my birthday is july 12th and i just started reading this blog! hot damn, i’m so gonna be there and i love burgers, more than chocolate i think, but not more than bacon (in general) of course bacon on a burger is incredibly fabulous

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