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BCP Report Card #13 – Ladder 15

July 29th, 2010 · No Comments · Burger Club, Center City, Korean tacos, Ladder 15, Report Card, burger, fries


Ladder 15
1528 Sansom Street
Philadelphia, PA 19102-2804
(215) 964-9755


This is like Burger Club: The Lost Meating. I apologize for the terrible delay with the last of these. I believe this will be the last time I have to apologize for this though. I’m excited to announce that there will be a new reporting system. It should allow me to get these report cards posted more quickly. Here’s to a speedier burger reporting delivery system!



  1. Fries (shout out to truffle mayo as well)
  2. Excellent service
  3. Appetizers: especially Korean tacos and goat cheese cigars
  4. Tied: Burger bun/Cocktails
  5. Beer list


  1. Tied: Burger was dry and underseasoned


This was a highly anticipated Burger Club meating. When it was announced that Chef David Ansill would take over the kitchen AND that he was planning on serving a bone marrow burger topped with short rib, I knew this was a place for meat loving Burger Club members. I will admit I have a deep fascination/love for meat on meat combos. That doesn’t quite sound right but you know what I’m getting at, right? Ugh that somehow made it even worse I think. Moving on.

I wish I had gotten a picture of the space at Ladder 15. It is a great space; modern, warm and open.The staff were super friendly and kind enough to reserve some space in the back of the first floor. Sorry for the iPhone quality picture but it was great to see all of us sitting together in burger loving harmony.

Burger Club at Ladder 15

We started off on the right foot, or should I say the best kind of foot ever in all the world, with Ansill’s famous Korean tacos. Having had the original, I will say that these are an excellent interpretation. During happy hour this tasty delight is only $4.

Korean taco from Ladder 15

Braised short rib Korean taco

Here is a true meat lovers burger. It’s a prime sirloin patty, topped with braised short rib, red wine mushrooms and grilled red onions. Served alongside it was bone marrow and truffle sauce. It had all the makings of an exceptional burger. Unfortunately, a number of burger club folks found their burgers to be underseasoned and dry. Even my patty, which came out nice and pink just as I had ordered it, didn’t have a lot of juiciness that I enjoy in a burger. I would have loved to have  seen some burger juices seeping into my bun. I will say that with all the rich burger toppings the burger did not feel heavy. The high quality of ingredients was evident. I just didn’t get as much flavor from the different components of the burger as I would have liked. It seems a lot of BCP agreed. As one member noted, “Lots of rich ingredients but not a ton of flavor.”

Burger 15 at Ladder 15

Burger 15

As you can see below I had some trouble keeping my burger intact. The short ribs were very tender but made it difficult to keep the burger together.

Burger 15 innards

Burger 15 innards

There is also a basic burger available on the menu, with your choice of cheese.

Classic Burger

Classic burger

The fries were a big hit with the group. They were the perfect combination of crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. The truffle fries were especially good. Just enough truffle flavor to enjoy but not overwhelm the fries.


Truffle fries with truffle mayo

Overall we all had a great time at Ladder 15. High marks for the great beer list, fantastic service, excellent appetizers and fries. Big thanks to the folks at Ladder 15 for being so great to us and for the wonderful service we received.


Burger, medium with cheddar and bacon: “I’m a big fan of a well seasoned burger that is juicy and thick. I got the thickness in this burger but it was very dry. In addition I had to salt and pepper the burger twice. Beer list was amazing, fries were well seasoned and crispy. Appetizer was great. Service was great and friendly.” GRADE: B

Classic burger with cheddar cheese: “The best ingredient was the sharp cheddar cheese. It was delicious. I would suggest that they make sure the cheese covers the whole burger. The bun was good as well. Something about the burger meat made it dry. I am not sure if it was the quality of the meat or the way it was cooked. Overall it was a tasty burger and very satisfying.” GRADE: B+

BURGER NOVICE, Classic burger with provolone: “Burger was a little dry but tasty and fries were good. Service was terrific. Also tried potato/goat cheese cigar, very good!” GRADE: B+

Burger 15 and “Wild Night” cocktail: “Drinks were tasty. The burger lacked a punch of flavor but very rich.” GRADE: B-

Ladder 15 burger, medium rare: “Overcooked, too dry, bone marrow was the only shining star on the plate and I could have just eaten that on its own. Short rib was overkill. Needed salt. Good fries. Great service. UNBELIEVABLE PORK BELLY KOREAN TACO. SERIOUSLY. GO FOR THE TACOS.” GRADE: C+

Classic burger, medium well: “While the fries (+ truffle sauce) were phenomenal the burger was slightly dry, not as seasoned as it could be. But great service, good presentation.” GRADE: B

Classic burger with cheddar: “Excellent service, exceeded expectations. Loved restaurant design atmosphere. Great simplicity, soft bun. Large patty was under seasoned. Needed some more salt etc. Ordered medium but no pink at all. Fries were amazing. Truffle may to die for. The dirty martini with stuffed olives is a winner!” GRADE: B-

Ladder 15 burger, medium rare: “Bun was bit dry, but smooshed well. Texture great but patty needed more flavor. Marrow didn’t add to burger as much as I hoped it would. Outside of patty was over-charred though burger was juicy. Service was lovely and deserves special mention.” GRADE: B

15 burger, medium rare: “Good patty but overdone. Lots of rich ingredients but not a ton of flavor. However, if this was taco/cocktail/beer club: A+” GRADE: C+

Burger 15 and Classic burger with gruyere, medium rare: “Loved the spare ribs and au jus on the Burger 15. Classic burger was a little dry. Really good fries. Price a little high but good quality. Very accommodating staff, good happy hour specials.” GRADE: B

Classic burger: “Pros – it was a burger. Cons – it was an ok burger.” GRADE: B-

Burger, no cheese: “It was no Ugly American.” GRADE: C

Burger 15: “Awesome. Waited for medium rare burger but well worth it. Loved discovering the piece of short rib even though I preferred the perfectly cooked  fresh sirloin. Loved the gravy and wasn’t  listed so very nice surprise. Loved the truffle mayo but fries were under cooked, hence too greasy. Loved Chef Ansill hanging out in the dining room.” GRADE: A

Burger 15: “Hoped for it to be a bit more texture. Medium rare, cooked closer to medium but like the short ribs and beef. Blue cheese would have  be well as a standard cheese to accompany it. Bone marrow was awesome.” GRADE: B

Classic burger, medium rare with bacon and gruyere: “This burger was ok. The good news is that it’s made me realize how important burger cohesiveness is to me. Unmanageable height gives me agita. But the appetizer was great!! As was service!” GRADE: B-

Classic with fontina: “A decent burger but the appetizer (goat cheese cigars) was much better.” GRADE: C+

Classic burger, medium well with cheddar: “Not bad, but not particularly memorable. Meat texture was good, but flavor was bland. Fries were fine but nothing special. For the price, not that great. Terrific appetizers (goat cheese cigars and Korean tacos) and really great, friendly service. Would come again, just not for the burger.” GRADE: B+

Classic burger, medium with fontina: “Patty was perfectly cooked to order but was a little bland w/o ketchup. Bun was delicious but too big for the patty. Burger was a bit too tall and hard to manage…but proper pressure applied fixed it right up. Service was G-R-E-A-T! Presentation and environment is good too. Goat cheese cigars were great too!” GRADE: B

Classic with goat cheese: “Burger too dry. Came out medium but ordered medium rare. Not seasoned enough. Goat cheese was great though!” GRADE: C

Burger 15: “Truffle jus added to flavor of said burger more than marrow.” GRADE: B+


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