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A cavalcade of sandwiches at Johnny Brenda’s

August 10th, 2010 · 1 Comment · Fishtown, Johnny Brenda's, sammich

Ok maybe not quite a cavalcade but here are a couple of delicious sandwiches I ate recently. Sometimes this lady wants a sandwich that isn’t a burger. Just sometimes. When that happens I often find myself at my most favorite bar, Johnny Brenda’s. The menu changes at JB’s pretty regularly so both of these sandwiches may or may not be on the menu. It’s a fun surprise!  I believe they are on current rotation.  Keep your eyes out for them.

Fried fish sandwich

Fried fish sandwich - Johnny Brenda's

Breaded and fried catfish topped with guacamole, a spicy harissa mayo, cilantro and pickled carrots on a sesame seed roll. Nice substantial sandwich that doesn’t feel heavy. Perfect for the summer. There is an enjoyable level of spiciness to the sandwich which is then cooled down with the pickled carrots and avocado. Also the bun might look familiar because it can be found on JB’s burger and it is one of my favorite sandwich buns.

Bologna sandwich

bologna sandwich - Johnny Brenda's

Bologna and Lebanon bologna are grilled and served with melted Swiss cheese, red onion, lettuce and tomato. This was actually ordered by a friend but I ended up eating a very significant portion of it. I really enjoyed this sandwich. I never had Lebanon bologna before but I am a fan now. It’s the bologna that looks a bit like salami. It’s a little heartier for a summer sandwich but won’t weight you down . I also enjoyed the bun on this sandwich, more substantial than the seeded bun and less squishy but didn’t overwhelm it.

Both sandwiches come served with JB’s fries, which are wonderful. Now go out there and eat a sandwich!


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