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PYT BOTW – Korean BBQ short rib burger

August 15th, 2010 · 3 Comments · BOTW, NoLibs, PYT, burger

Korean short rib burger - PYT

This was one hell of a burger. Bursting with so many different flavors and yet I still enjoyed the juicy beefiness of this burger. It would be easy enough for this burger to be overwhelmed by the spicy Asian inspired mayo or the kimchi topping the burger but it was not. The patty was the star of this burger. Tommy Up and Co. should be very proud of themselves. I want all of my burgers to be made with short ribs. The kimchi added great texture to the burger. I loved it so much, I could have used an extra side of it. The spicy mayo had a good dose of heat which I enjoyed. Also great for dipping the fries in.

Good bun = good burger

Using Martin’s Big Marty’s bun was a stroke of genius. This is one of my favorite store bought burger buns. This is already a pretty big burger with a lot of different components so the bun needed to be substantial enough to hold together the juicy burger but not add to the heft of it. Big Marty’s did the trick.

Mmm fries

There is no gimmick to this burger. It’s inventive and perfectly executed (how Top Chef of me). The only bad news about this burger is that it’s  available for a limited time only. I think you’ve got the rest of Sunday to get over there and check it out! I strongly suggest you do.


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  • Madame Fromage

    Alas, someone writes about the kimchi burger. I saw one on a menu in Minnesota of all places, and my interest was piqued. The waitress said it was strange, so I skipped it, but I have been full of regret ever since. It sounds so spicy and juicy and cooling! So, you’ve inspired me. I ‘m off to PYT!

  • Fred Hanna

    I just had this burger today. Turns out it was such a hit that it is becoming permanent. I echo your sentiments. This burger is a masterpiece. After I ate it, I felt like I had just made love to a beautiful stranger . So good, and yet so bad. LOL

  • Tae Cha Kim

    Well, not at all a Korean Short Rib burger. Even if it is made with ground shortrib, the only thing that is Korean is the kim chee. It should have included the seasonings that are used for the BBQ ribs. That would include at least soy sauce, sesame seed and oil, and most assuredly garlic. This is just a burger with kim chee on it.

    Tae Cha Kim (Yes, I am American/Korean)

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