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Eat it – Turducken sandwich from Jake’s Sandwich Board

November 15th, 2010 · 3 Comments · Center City, Jake's Sandwich Board, Thanksgiving, sammich, shake

Don’t be a turkey! Get to Jake’s Sandwich Board and eat this sandwich ASAP, STAT, POSTHASTE! I hope those words mean something to you. I hope that you understand the words that are coming out from my keyboard.

Once November hits, my body starts craving mashed potatoes, stuffing and turkey all smothered in gravy.  This sandwich totally satisfies this craving as I wait for my most favorite holiday. You know the one. The one that starts with turkey and ends with zzzzzzzzzzzzz. Oh man, what a wonderful day.

I apologize for the iPhone camera quality of these pictures but it happens.

Turducken sandwich - Jake's Sandwich Board

As described on Jake’s website: turkey, duck, chicken, cranberry, apple sausage stuffing, gravy, hash browns, creole seasoning.

As with all of the sandwiches at Jakes, the sandwich is served on a Carangi roll. This roll is perfect for this sandwich because it is so hearty that the gravy doesn’t soften the bread. The sandwich wasn’t the gut bomb I was expecting it to be. I ate the whole thing and found myself good and satisfied. The hash browns were a surprise favorite on the sandwich. It added a nice crunch. I would say that my only minor complaint is that I would have liked more stuffing on the sandwich, but that could just me. I can never get enough stuffing.

Turducken sandwich  and pumpkin pie shake- Jake's Sandwich Board

I also got the pumpkin pie shake because why the hell not. Great pumpkin flavor and topped with ginger bread cookie pie crust. You know when pumpkin flavored things are overwhelming and not very good? This is not the case at all. Perfect match for the sandwich. Oh and if this wasn’t enough for lunch, I also had their fries and they were equally awesome.

This was my first visit to Jake’s and it will definitely not be my last. Their menu of sandwiches looks incredible and there isn’t anything on there that I don’t want to eat a million times. I also need to check out their Smoking Tuesdays, where they feature smoked meat sandwiches and platters. It is definitely a place for meat lovers, specifically pork lovers, as indicated by their Twitter handle @GotPig. I feel at home there.

The sandwich and shake are both here for a limited time only so get at them quickly.

Jake’s Sandwich Board
122 South 12th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107-4936
(215) 922-0102


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