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Party and Brunching: Bar Ferdinand

February 2nd, 2011 · 1 Comment · Bar Ferdinand, NoLibs, brunch, party and brunching

Wow you guys, I really needed this brunch. As with any morning after a night involving Tritone and/or Bob and Barbara’s, I needed a serious escape from Hangover City. Side note: I have a friend who was silly enough to suggest that I don’t need to order the “Special” when I go to either but that’s just crazy talk. THERE IS NO OTHER OPTION. Ok maybe there is but in these times of financial crisis, it is the most economical choice. Maybe not for my liver. Oh dear liver, I’m so sorry.

Oh but my belly is now thanking me. I’m really good to my belly. Oh sweet, soft, round belly you are the best. Uh this is getting weird. Moving on. Brunch at Bar Ferdinand, go! I love love love the vibe of this place. I always feel so civilized when I enjoy brunch there. They only serve brunch on Sundays and for $15 you have the choice of the three menus, shown below. They do change from time to time.

Numero Uno

Numero Dos

Numero Tres

Isn’t this a pretty cup of coffee? My non-coffee drinking dining companion (say that five times fast) even remarked at how pretty it was. It’s good coffee too. Not sure what they serve but I had at least 3 cups. CAFFEINE!

Prettiest coffee and tasty too

I picked the Numero Dos menu so I started with the manchego frito. This is a perfect combination of sweet and salty, one of my favorite combos. Especially for breakfast and brunch, when my savory side usually wins but I want a little bit of sweetness. The fried manchego is topped with a frozen apple foam and dipped in a walnut-membrillo puree.

Manchego frito

Next up was toast with a subtle tomato and garlic spread. Especially good topped with chorizo, which you will see soon.

Pan con tomate 2

The house-smoked bacon cured my bacon craving but I would have liked for it to be a little thicker.

Bacon de la casa

More bacon and more carbs came with my huevo frito; fried egg on top of a potato, pepper and bacon hash. You can’t see the bacon here but it’s in there, hidden at the bottom like some wonderful surprise. This dish was very satisfying but I would have liked my yolk to be a bit more runny. Oh how I love a runny yolk atop some potatoes and bacon. This concludes my portion of the meal, let’s see what I scarfed down from my dining partner’s Numero Uno menu.

Huevo frito

CHORIZO IN RED WINE. Look how pretty and it tastes great too. It is a generous portion so I didn’t mind eating a lot of this. It was good with everything.

Chorizo al vino

I’m totally reusing a bad joke I already tried on twitter. PATATAS CRACKAS! You know because they are so good they are like crack. Totally works, right? No? Ok, never mind. So this is the patatas bravas, fried potatoes with a spicy tomato sauce and aioli. It is one of my very favorite dishes at Bar Ferdinand and you can get it anytime. Please do get them every time you are there. They never disappoint. The sauce mixed with the aioli makes this wonderfully creamy tomato sauce and when combined with the crispy fried potatoes YOU WON’T BE ABLE TO STOP EATING THEM. You will also want to lick the plate clean.

Bar Ferdinand - Patatas bravas

While I didn’t take advantage of this during my last visit to Bar Ferdinand, I would be a fool not to mention the beautiful granola you can get with the Numero Tres menu. Again, so pretty and so amazing. Homemade granola topped with dried fruit, yogurt and honey. It’s a big portion and totally filling.

Bar Ferdinand - Granola con frutas secas

So be a total class act and head to Bar Ferdinand for brunch on Sundays. After a night of alcohol related idiocy, you will need it. It’s also a great deal for $15. Your parents won’t be so disappointed in you.

Bar Ferdinand
1030 North 2nd Street
Philadelphia, PA 19123
(215) 923-1313
Brunch: Sunday 11-3


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