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Menu nerd: can you guess where this is?

July 28th, 2011 · No Comments · menu nerd

Anytime I am planning to go out to eat, I obsessively study the menu, if it is available. It doesn’t matter if I’ve visited a dining establishment dozens of times, I will still study the menu as if my life depended on it. I love to study menus more than most things. I don’t even have to have a reason to look at a menu, I will just study one for the fun of it.

As with any food outing, I’ve been studying the menu of a Port Richmond bar I’m planning on visiting soon. It has brought me much joy.

Here are some gems:

  • Appetizers section is listed as “Nibblers”
  • “Custom fried butterfly shrimp”
  • “Chicken tenderloin fingers”
  • “Crabby Logs”
  • “Potato Logs”
  • “Please Do Not Leave Your Children Unattended in the Bar and Dining Area”
  • “Only Well Behaved Children Allowed” – right under the title of the bar, on the front page of the menu

I’m legitimately excited to eat some wings and potato logs.

Somewhat related personal plea to restaurants everywhere,

Please stop putting music on your website. It is not necessary. It does nothing to enhance our experience. I can safely say that it annoys 99.99999 % of the people who visit your website. I am constantly amazed at how many top notch eateries continue to do this. You all are so much better than that. I will still eat your food but it bums me out a lot.


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