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Kitchen success – a Christmas Eve miracle

January 22nd, 2009 · 1 Comment · Reading Terminal Market, burgerbaroness, kitchen success, meat and potatoes, recipe

Let’s get serious! I hate to have taken so long to write about this but I have to share this wonderful kitchen success I had on Christmas Eve.

It all happened pretty last minute. What really started it was when I saw this recipe for Standing Rib Roast, Spinach-Porcini Stuffing, Irish Whiskey Gravy, and Horseradish Cream, in Bon Appetit. I was immediately smitten and thought it would be perfect for my first time hosting Christmas Eve.

I was fortunate enough to have my friend Mike in town to help me with the shopping and the cooking. We had a great time at RTM. It was his first time there and I was so happy to share this Philadelphia treasure with him. I am proud to say that I got everything I needed at RTM.

My Pretty Table

Another of the table on Christmas eve

What I really appreciated about this recipe is that I could do a lot of  it ahead of time. The night before, I made the stuffing and got the gravy started, as they direct you to do in the recipe. I also made my mashed potatoes the night before.

Because of all the prep the night before, all I had to do the next day was get the roast in the oven, roast some asparagus. I also made this salad. It was on the menu for the roast on Epicurious.

My one little misstep with the rib roast was that I didn’t’ have any kitchen string so I was not able to actually stuff the roast with the stuffing. You’re supposed to stuff the roast and then tie it up. Instead we ate the stuffing on the side and it was still very good. I was amazed at my timing with this meal because everything finished just as I planned.

Three Stages of Rib Roast

Christmas Eve Rib Roast

The rib roast was tremendous. It was so flavorful and cooked perfectly, if I do say so myself. I was really worried about how this would turn out because I have never bought a piece of meat that expensive. It was definitely worth the money. As a sauce lover, I also appreciated the gravy and the horseradish cream. The meat didn’t really need anything to make it tastier but the cream definitely made my rib roast sandwich, the next day, extra tasty. I got these really soft rolls from Beiler’s Bakery and I was eating those sandwiches for many days after. I miss them.

This is something I would like to make every Christmas Eve. I like the idea of starting my own holiday tradition and having friends and/or family over to enjoy it. It might sound corny but I really like to express my care for people through cooking. This was just the kind of dish to do that.


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