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A cooking high

August 26th, 2008 · 1 Comment · burgerbaroness, recipe, tex-mex

Yes I get high on cooking. Not because I’m cooking pot brownies or whatever but because when I have a success in the kitchen I can live off that feeling for a good week. Plus I can revisit that high by recreating that success whenever I want.

Here are my steps to creating a cooking high:

  1. Plan to cook something you love and crave all the time and that you have never cooked before.
  2. Plan to cook something that is relatively easy but might take a little bit of time and preparation.
  3. Create a shopping list and take your time when you visit the market to pick up your ingredients.
  4. Go home and go straight to your kitchen. Do not get distracted by kids, pets, significant others, the computer or the tv.
  5. Now that you are in your kitchen, hopefully distraction free, cook the dish. If you need to wait for something to braise or roast, set the timer and work on another part of the meal, if necessary, or enjoy a magazine.
  6. Once you have finished cooking, enjoy the fruits of your labor! Maybe set the table and bring out that decent bottle of wine that was given to you as a gift. Oh and enjoy with loved ones, if possible.

I actually did all of this, except for #6, last night. I made flour tortillas and carnitas! I am still smiling over how successful it went. It took a little longer than expected so I didn’t get to enjoy them for dinner last night (though I did make a sample taco to make sure it tasted ok) but the anticipation I am feeling today makes it all worthwhile. I also want to enjoy them with the refried beans I plan on making tonight.

Carnitas taco

Flour tortillas

This is a meal I crave at least once a week so I am elated that I can recreate this dish whenever I want. I also want to give a big shout out to Homesick Texan because it is a blog that makes me drool with hunger every time I read it and all the recipes I have linked to come from her blog.


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