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I’ve got a vlog about it, wanna see it? Here is goes…

March 2nd, 2009 · 2 Comments · burgerbaroness, from couch to 10 miles

I will warn you that this is a bit boring because there isn’t as much E as there should be.

It was a tough week for me. I have to find a balance between recognizing that I am still new to this and I need to take it slow but also making sure that I push myself enough to get better each week. I found a lot a difficulty with breathing this week and my shins hurt a lot. I spent a lot of time this week wondering what I have gotten myself into. Doing this vlog and sharing my experience with others is actually keeping me to it. I also really appreciate all the encouragement and kind comments I have gotten on this blog, it has really motivated me. I also have to give a very big shout out to my running buddy, E, who is an optimist and keeps telling me it’s going to get easier.

In reference to the vlog: I have no idea what the hell I am talking about during our ride in the car. I had a really tough run that night so I think I was delirious. I will note that I don’t edit or retake anything on the vlog. I do some minimal editing to the ends of each part only so that they transition “smoothly”, I use that term loosely. I still have no good video editing program so I am currently using the very basic editing thing Flip offers.


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  • jennie

    it’s totally hard, but it will totally get easier. proud of you for sticking through it!

  • yoko

    Jess– keep it going! You’re doing a really good thing.
    If your shins continue to hurt, you may want to get some advice on your running shoes.

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