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Sammiches: savory and sweet

March 5th, 2009 · 1 Comment · Full Plate Cafe, Home Slice, NoLibs, burgerbaroness, sammich

I was craving chicken salad last week. When I crave chicken salad there is only one place I look to, Full Plate Cafe. This place is truly a gem of Philadelphia. The price is right and the portions are crazy generous. I brought along my friend Mike and he was amazed at his crab cake entree, he doesn’t get out of center city enough. Not only was it delicious, I had a little bite, but at $12 it’s a steal. I hope no one from the cafe is reading this.

Curry sweet potato soup, Full Plate

I started out with the curry sweet potato soup. This was my attempt at eating healthier. I usually get an order of their fries, because they are amazing, but when I heard about the soup I had to try it. It was a really nice and light starter. The soup was creamy but not heavy. It also had a subtle heat to it that I really enjoyed.

Chicken salad sandwich, Full Plate

On to the sandwich. I love their chicken salad. The combination of chicken, red grapes and creaminess is perfect. It’s not weighed down with a ton of dressing. The grapes add a little bit of sweetness. They serve it on a soft challah bun, topped with sesame seed. It’s huge and while I always want to save half and take it home with me, it’s so good that I can’t stop eating it. Whatta sammich!

Goat cheese tart, Full Plate

This my friends is the goat cheese tart. It was sweet and a little savory, a combination that I am always a fan of.

Of course I was right across the street for Home Slice Pizza, also owned by the ladies of Full Plate, so I had to stop by and get one of these (to take home with me, for later of course):

Heaven, otherwise known as E's oatmeal cream sandwiches

OATMEAL CREAM COOKIES ZOMG! Sorry for the all caps but I am totally addicted to these things. There really isn’t a week that goes by where I don’t crave one of these. I love oatmeal cookies and cream filling so it’s a perfect marriage of the two. They are also a steal at $1 or $1.50 a piece. Again, I hope no one from Home Slice is reading this.

Look how happy they make me:



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