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BCP Report Card #1 – Good Dog

April 2nd, 2009 · 4 Comments · AHT, Burger Club, Center City, Good Dog, Report Card, burger, burgerbaroness, philly

Overall Grade: B

Good Dog Bar- http://www.gooddogbar.com/

224 S 15th St
Philadelphia, PA 19102
(215) 985-9600

Results, by burger

Traditional burger, rare with American cheese: “Super juicy burger! Great tasting meat, cooked perfectly, cheese could have been melted a bit more. Not usually a fan of brioche buns but this one worked out just fine, held the juicy burger together quite nicely while remaining a bit squishy. Good meat to bun ratio.” GRADE: B+

Traditional burger, medium rare with provolone: “Burger novice FYI. The tomato was gross, provolone was tasty, the beef was decent, beef might have been great but I don’t eat enough burgers to know. The bun got soggy but was tasty. Pretty boring, I may just actually not like burgers that much!” GRADE: C

Good Dog burger: “The bun and cheese were excellent, and its very good for a stuffed burger but still maybe fundamentally misguided and the fries were squishy.” GRADE: B

Good Dog burger: ” Roquefort was tasty but burger was almost too big. Bun was solid, meat cooked as ordered, caramelized onions were awesome.” GRADE: B

Good Dog burger: “Price was right, quality was great. Bun was a little weak. [cons] No fries/no aioli ” GRADE: B+

Good Dog burger: “I love dogs and burgers!” GRADE: B+

Good Dog burger: “good meat/patty, bread held up well, Roquefort held up well; not too crazy about fries. Good $$$; quality sandwich. Decent atmosphere, reasonable cost, friendly service. good patty tasty; cheese in patty is inventive; cozy bar setting, aioli was OK.” GRADE: B+

Traditional burger, well done, and cheddar cheese: “Well-done, well-cooked, well-formed, juicy. Bun ratio looks scary but works out. Thought I would feel sick from 1/2 bl but ate it all and feel great. Mixed fries a-okay.” GRADE: B+

Traditional burger with provolone, lettuce tomato and ketchup: “nice buttery bun, juicy, cooked to order, excellent ratio of bun/meat/toppings, good temperature, not cheap but worth it. ” GRADE: A+

Traditional burger with Roquefort: “top quality ingredients, good bun to burger ratio. reasonable [price], esp. for center city. Nice environs, good mix of tunes. Good service, waitress was on top of things. Best hidden burger in the city.” GRADE: A

No burger today but had one before: “overall very tasty. only cons are messiness and almost too big of a portion. No side pickles. Boo. GRADE: B

Traditional burger, medium with cheddar cheese and caramelized onion: “bun is not my favorite (dry) but the grease from the burger makes it just right (ie. soaks into it). Mustard was sinus clearing, like wasabi. Pro: wasn’t too big, I hate too big burgers. I’m not a man. Con: yes a little overpriced.” GRADE: A

Good dog burger: “very tasty burger. cooked to order. got a bit messy when the cheese dripped out of the burger. A bit pricey for a burger $11″ GRADE: B+

Traditional burger with brie and caramelized onions: “slightly too much meat, which took up too much of the flavor spectrum. But the ingredients were quite tasty. Not a great value, though, at $11 for the burger.


We gave folks scorecards where they could write down their thoughts on the burger as well as their overall experience at the dining establishment. They also gave a letter grade to the burger. I then gave each letter grade a number and figured out the average. I HATE MATH. With the average I gave an overall letter grade.

Wait there’s more!

Oh and we got a shout out on A Hamburger Today which made me very very happy. This is the blog I look forward to reading everyday. Thanks again to Roboppy for the write up. Hope you make it to Philly for a BCP outing. The burger is on me!

My Final Thoughts

We had a much larger turn out than I thought we’d have which was awesome. I was surprised to find that Good Dog closed their upstairs so I was a little concerned about having seats for everyone. We took up 4 booths so it worked out. I really enjoyed my burger. What really makes the traditional burger is the meat. It is so flavorful, well seasoned and juicy. I didn’t need any condiments for it and I’m usually a condiment junky. I do wish they used yellow American cheese but that’s just me. I think for the overall quality of ingredients it is worth just over $10. With that you get a 1/2 lb. of meat and they give you a generous portion of fries or a side salad. Their fries are a little hit or miss. I wish they were fried a bit more. I do appreciate the sweet potato/reg. potato mix but they just come out a bit soggy at times.

It was a great start to BCP and I thank all of you who showed up. For those who were not able to make it, no worries, we have more burger eating action ahead of us.  Five Guys is next up on our list. I will have a date very soon.


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