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In-N-Out, In-N-Out. That’s what a hamburger’s all about.

May 29th, 2009 · 5 Comments · California, In-N-Out, burger, burgerbaroness, cheap eats, fast food, food porn

“Keep it real simple, do one thing and do it the best you can.”

Harry Snyder, founder of In-N-Out

Words to live by.

I was a little concerned that I had hyped the burgers at In-N-Out too hard. It is the burger that I compare all other burgers. I only get it every couple of years so I was worried that I had just played it up in my head. Luckily my head was totally right on and In-N-Out is all that and a basket of fries.  Of the 7 days I was in Southern California, I visited the burger joint 4 times. Every visit was exceptional. I visited four different locations and the efficiency and consistency of each location amazed me.

At each register I was welcomed with a smile and excellent customer service. I really enjoyed just watching the activity behind the counter. All the locations were decently busy but the LAX location was mad busy. This didn’t stop the staff  from being all smiles as they grilled my burger and fried my fries. I thought I was a genius by locating an In-N-Out right next to the airport but I wasn’t the only one. In fact while I was on the shuttle, to the car rental place, the driver mentioned that if you were hungry there was an…wait for it…In-N-Out just down the street. The following pics are from my visit to the Anaheim location, they were the best of all my visits.

Cheeseburger and fries both “animal style”.  What really stood out for me with all of my In-N-Out burgers were the toasted buns. What a difference they make. I love the crunch of them and how well they hold together the messy “animal style” burgers.


“Animal style” fries are covered with American cheese slices, special sauce and fried onions. Gooey fried goodness. This was my first experience with fries this way and they were so good.


Another amazing thing about In-N-Out is how cheap it is. When you consider the prices of Five Guys in comparison you wonder how they are able to keep their prices so low.


Just before my trip I had finished reading, In-N-Out Burger: A Behind-the-Counter Look at the Fast-Food Chain That Breaks All the Rules and so my head was filled with trivial about the company. The book gives a great history about the company; how it got started and how it continues to offer quality food at a reasonable price. It doesn’t so much go into how the burgers are made but it still makes for an interesting read. The Snyder family that created and still runs the business has had a number of family tragedies but they continue cranking out new locations each year. If you don’t feel like reading the book this article summarizes the six secrets to their success. These come directly from the book.

I am glad that my hype for this west coast burger joint is for real. It is still the home of my favorite burger. I have spent much time wondering how I can quit my life for a year and just work at an In-N-Out. I know it sounds crazy but everyone who worked there looked so happy.  It also wouldn’t hurt to live in Southern California.


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