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BCP Report Card #3 – goodburger

June 2nd, 2009 · 4 Comments · Burger Club, Center City, Report Card, burger, burgerbaroness, goodburger



goodburger – http://www.goodburgerpa.com

1725 Chestnut St.
Philadelphia, PA 19102

Sorry for the very long delay, I went out of town right after our meating.Thanks for your patience.

I first want to start out this BCP report card by thanking the manager and staff for being so helpful to us during our visit. If you didn’t already check  it out, John McDevitt, from KYW, came by and recorded an interview with me. The manager of goodburger was kind enough to offer us a tour of where the magic happens.Their beef is ground fresh each day, on site, so we got to see what I like to call the “grind room”.


I hope this picture does the cleanliness of this room justice. Everything was immaculate, just what you want to see in a “grind room”.


Big burger with sauteed onions, bacon, portabello mushrooms: “Decent burger, but I expected more for the price. The flavor was not as jazzy as I hoped for. I also don’t like listening to techno while eating burgers. The beer tasted funny.” GRADE: B-

Med-well burger with cheese: “C = Average.” GRADE: C

No burger type listed: “The quality of meat was good and made to order, also, the fixins where good but nothing special and they didn’t’ have many to choose from. Didn’t like bun. Too big. Also, costs more than I think it should have. Ambiance is good.” GRADE: C

Mini burger with fries: “Quality of meat was good and well cooked (not too dry). But the burger needs more spices. It tasted a bit plain. The bun was a little dry. Not the worst, no the best.” GRADE: C

#1 combo wtih cheese, fries and Dr. Pepper: “Ordered medium, not med/rare. Plenty o’ grub for the price/Dr. Pepper is a plus. Paper ass gaskets in the can…Awesome.” GRADE: B

#1 combo cheddar burger, fries, Dr. Pepper: “Nice place, delicious burger, Dr. Pepper in the soda fountain, above average fries.” GRADE: B+

Cheeseburger with lettuce, tomato, pickles, mayo, choc shake and onion rings: “Meat was cooked perfectlymed rare but flavorless. 13.35 for a whole meal – okay. Like the cooked-to-order burger, but I won’t be back.” GRADE: C

Big cheeseburger, fries and brown cow milkshake: “Fries taste if a bit salty could be more well done, expensive, techno music not needed, beef good and prepared medium when I asked for medium. Mileshake was great! Get your milkshake here and walk east to 5 Guys.” GRADE: B

Big cheeseburger rare with tomato, lettuce, mayo, mustard, ketchup, onion rings, black cow shake: “Cooked to order but found the meat ground too fine so my meat was super mushy. Hate the bun. It’s a good quality kaiser roll but doesn’t belong on a burger. Onion rings were a bit mushy as well. Shake had great flavor but could have been thicker. Service was super friendly and fast. A bit too expensive, and I really hated that bun. GRADE: C+

BURGER NOVICE Big cheeseburger (medium) with ketchup and chocolate milkshake: “Milkshake was very good. Burger itself was very greasy. Bun was tasty, not soggy, but I prefer potato bun. Tasted good but not great. Wouldn’t order again here.” GRADE: C

Cheeseburger with works, fries and shake: “Meat flavorless and greasy, onion heavy, bun nicely toasted, fries salty-to-oversalted. Complicated to eat, falling a part. Unsatisfying slippage, milkshake nice. Meat cooked perfectly and ingredients independently not bad but together = eh: GRADE: B-

Cheeseburger, fries and shake: “Oddly flavorless meat, too bready a bun. Too much salt on fries. NOT GOOD!!! [emphasis theirs] Shake was ok. Something off about it all. Way too expensive for the flavorlessness. GRADE: C-


Top gripes:

  1. Meat flavorless
  2. Didn’t like bun
  3. Tie -  Fries too salty/prices too expensive
  4. Techno playing in background

Top hits:

  1. Shake good
  2. Dr. Pepper


“Ingredients independently not bad but together = eh.”

I really didn’t think we had such a tough crowd at BCP but this got peopled riled up. I think the issue with goodburger is that they look great on paper. If you read GoodFacts page you will see that they pride themselves on serving meat that is naturally and humanely raised and use quality ingredients for everything they make. Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter how good your ingredients are if you can’t prepare them in a way that makes them tasty. Is that too harsh? This is a new role for me, I have a hard time being a bad guy. But goodburger was just too expensive for what we ate that day. The majority of folks felt outright meh about the whole thing. I think the following quotes help getting the idea across.

“Not the worst, not the best.”

Tasted good but not great.”

“Something off about it all.”

My 3 main gripes

I didn’t even finish my burger…take a moment for that to sink in. I always finish my burger. My biggest complaint is that I think they grind their meat too fine. My rare burger came out perfectly cooked but a mushy mess, ewww. I might have to take a break from the rare burgers because I grossed myself out and that has never happened to me before. I like it red.

Also a huge deal breaker for me, the kaiser roll for a burger bun. The manager spent some time explaining how great the kaiser roll was and that it came from a nearby bakery (I can’t remember the name). He clearly had a lot of respect for this roll and I did too. It was a very good kaiser roll and I would have loved it for some kind of sandwich other than a burger. It was too bready and didn’t fit the burger right.

And lastly while I didn’t order fries, there were a ton leftover for me to try. I was excited to see hand cut french fry goodness but alas something was way off with these. I didn’t find them as over salted as a lot of folks did but I did find the flavor off with them. They weren’t greasy but there was a heavy aftertaste to them. I thought it might be their use of canola. Having just been to Five Guys the week before and having delightful peanut oil fried fries I wondered if it was due to the oil.

Tip of the month:

“Get your milkshake here, then walk east to Five Guys.” The Rizz

Shout out:

I just want to give a big shout out to my burger lovin’ librarians and the Rizz who have made it out to all our BCP meatings. Also to the great Corey Duncan for keeping things real as my partner in BCP crime. Also to anyone and everyone who has been able to make it to BCP, I love you all! It’s only been three months but it makes me happy to get people together and eat burgers. To a whole summer of burgery goodness!


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