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From the brioche buns and giant patties of our gastropubs to the paper-wrapped, special-sauce slathered sandwiches of our fast-food joints, Philadelphia is a city of burgerly love. And the Burger Baroness is here to give you all the burger information you can handle, working one patty at a time.

About the Blog:

Started by the Burger Baroness and Jaime Shake (who now blogs at Cream and Sugar Kitchen), Fries with that Shake is a place to read about burgers in Philly and beyond. From new burger news to burger reviews (the good and the scary) to burgers in pop culture and much more, the Burger Baroness helps you satisfy your burger (and burger-information) cravings. She also enjoys brunch and banh mi so you’ll find a little more than burgers on this blog. FWTS is the best place to learn about Philadelphia’s own Burger Club, a group of folks who meet once a month to eat and rate burgers (and veggie burgers) at local restaurants.

About the Burger Baroness:

There’s a version of the chicken-and-egg problem that goes like this: As a child, did the Burger Baroness become fixated on the Bob’s Big Boy character because she was, deep inside, already a burger lover? Or did she start to love burgers because of her infatuation with the Big Boy? Either way, her childhood love of the overall-wearing, big-bellied boy seems to have led to two
things: one, a burger obsession, and two, a pretty sweet tattoo of the Big Boy on her right arm. But the Burger Baroness is also more than just a burger fan. Known by day as Jess Rossi, she’s also a librarian, comedy lover, and good person to go to a dance party with. And yes, she does eat more than burgers — an overall food enthusiast, she loves cooking, dining out, and  connecting with people over food and drink. Jess lives with her cat, Jacques, and is able to tell you most of the places to buy Red Vines in Philly. Most recently, Jess became a certified judge for the Kansas City BBQ Society. She had to raise her hand and pledge an oath and everything.

Big thanks to the amazingly talented Meg Favreau for her help with this bio.

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