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Burger Club Philly!

So what’s the deal with Burger Club and how do I become a member?

Burger Club Philly consists of a bunch of nerdburgers getting together once a month to eat a burger, talk about it and then give it a letter grade. It’s all in good fun. We usually have a “meating” once a month. It would be awesome if you joined the BCP  Facebook Group but if you have an extreme fear of social networking then you can just follow along with this blog. I will post the upcoming meatings and the report cards from our visits on FWTS. You don’t need to do anything official to become a member, just come to a meating.

New BCP report card

BCP rating system:

The Burger Club Philly rating system is based on four categories: Appearance, Taste, Creativity and Value & Affordability.

Burger Club members are asked to score each burger on a scale from 1 to 9 in each of the four categories.

An overall score is calculated using the following weights:
Appearance 20%
Taste 40%
Creativity 20%
Value & Affordability 20%

All of the members overall scores are combined and divided by the total number of members present at the meating, the result is an average weighted score for the burger.

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